Miss World 2013 (1st Update): No Bikinis this Year!

It was announced this past week that there will be no sexy bikinis in Miss World 2013. The pageant will be staged this September in Indonesia – a predominantly Muslim country.  Miss World Organization‘s Chairwoman – Julia Morley – was quoted in a New Your Times article (check the article HERE) saying that:

I did make sure to conform to the rules in Indonesia, which I thought were perfectly reasonable rules. I’m working with 137 countries, and all of them have different rules.

MWBFSPhoto Credits: http://www.missosology.info

Sophie Moulds (Wales) was the winner of the Beach Fashion challenge of
Miss World 2012.

Organizers emphasized that this decision has been agreed last year and not just as a reaction to the protest of some hard-liner Muslim activists. They decided that this year’s Beach Fashion Show will be modified a bit with contestants wearing one-piece swimsuit covered with some accessories ad wraps.

This is for me an admirable decision for Miss World Organization not to use bikini. First and foremost, the organizers should respect the rules and culture of the host country. I would even be open to the idea of junking the Beach Fashion Show this year. If they will pursue with the one-piece suit for this event challenge, I suggest that they conduct it in a very secure location with limited number of guests. What should be on top of the organizer’s list right now is the safety of the candidates! They should also have a back-up plan just in case the possible protests from opposing camps will push through! They should also seek the support of the national government in ensuring the safety of everyone that is involved.

This is not the first time that Miss World was partly involved in a controversy due to run-in with some religious extremists. In Miss World 2002, the organizers decided to move the pageant from Nigeria to London because of some riots opposing the pageant. You might want to read THIS for the details.

Again, I applaud the Miss World Organization for showing the world that beauty pageants are also about solidarity and friendship as this situation teaches everyone a lesson on respect! It is my wish that the pageant will push through peacefully!

— Kattera —

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