Miss USA 2013 (9th Update): The Swimsuit Photos

Here is the third set of pictures from Miss USA 2013. If you haven’t seen the first two, click HERE for the glam shots and HERE for the evening gown photos! Now, i’m glad to present to you the swimsuit photos of the candidates.

So what am I looking for as I scan through the pictures?!? First, is the appeal of the photo. Here I consider the pose and the angles that might contribute to an appealing photo! I specifically adore it when the shot screams sexy without “giving it away”. Poses should be done in a very tasteful manner. Then I look at the body which is the main goal of every swimsuit competition. The photo should showcase how fit the candidate is. Of course, some girls rely on the angle but it is the over-all fitness I am after which will not only focus on the abdomen area but also with the legs and arms.

Now, let us see who is the most fit in this bunch…

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP (www.missuniverse.com/missusa)

Alabama – Mary Margaret McCord

Alaska – Melissa McKinney

Arizona – Rachel Massie

Arkansas – Hannah Billingsley

California – Mabelynn Capeluj

Colorado – Amanda Wiley

Connecticut – Erin Brady

Delaware – Rachel Baiocco

District of Columbia – Jessica Frith

Florida – Michelle Aguirre

Georgia – Brittany Sharp

Hawaii – Brianna Acosta

Idaho – Marissa Wickland

Illinois – Stacie Juris

Indiana – Emily Hart

Iowa – Richelle Orr

Kansas – Staci Klinginsmith

Kentucky – Allie Leggett

Louisiana – Kristen Girault

Maine – Ali Clair

Maryland – Kasey Staniszewski

Massachusetts – Sarah Kidd

Michigan – Jaclyn Schultz

Minnesota – Danielle Hooper

Mississippi – Paromita Mitra

Missouri – Ellie Holtman

Montana – Kacie West

Nebraska – Ellie Lorenzen

Nevada – Chelsea Caswell

New Hampshire – Amber Faucher

New Jersey – Libell Duran

New Mexico – Kathleen Danzer

New York – Joanne Nosuchinsky

North Carolina – Ashley Love-Mills

North Dakota – Stephanie Erickson

Ohio – Kristen Smith

Oklahoma – Makenzie Muse

Oregon – Gabrielle Neilan

Pennsylvania – Jessica Billings

Rhode Island – Brittany Stenovitch

South Carolina – Megan Pinckney

South Dakota – Jessica Albers

Tennessee – Brenna Mader

Texas – Ali Nugent

Utah – Marissa Powell

Vermont – Sarah Westbrook

Virginia – Shannon McAnally

Washington – Cassandra Searles

West Virginia – Chelsea Welch

Wisconsin – Chrissy Zamora

Wyoming – Courtney Gifford

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— Kattera —

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