My Top 10 Favorite Evening Gown Photos – Miss USA 2013

We’ve all seen the evening gown photos of Miss USA 2013 candidates HERE! I am very excited to share with you my very first fave list. So, how did I choose this list? I had to consider the gown, the styling, elegance and the over-all impact of the shot. Here are the candidates who made it in my evening gown photo fave list:

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP (

10th Place: Florida – Michelle Aguirre

I am really not a big fan of black evening gowns. It looks boring on stage! But I will not let this photo pass as I really adore Michelle’s stance here. This is really not a bad photo either. I love the cut-out details that create a sexy silhouette! What turns me off here is the chunky belt that covers the cut-out detail. The pumps also look so heavy that it wears down the dress.

9th Place: Delaware – Rachel Baiocco

Rachel is a “vampstress” here! That sexy back and piercing look is a winning combo! I am dying to see the front of this gown!

8th Place: Alabama – Mary Margaret McCord

Another sexy offering courtesy of the crowd-favorite Ms. Alabama! This is a very risky gown and only a pro can glide this revealing gown on stage. There is too much “on sight” for my liking though and that strappy footwear looks lost in this sexy ensemble.

7th Place: Minnesota – Danielle Hooper

Danielle looks divine here! I love love love the dress…probably less the dress’ neckline! This would probably rank higher if it was just the plain red dress and a matching bracelet instead of that “bothering” neck piece.

6th Place: Utah – Marissa Powell

I love Marissa’s gown! It is sexy and glamorous at the same time. The styling is also superb that accentuated her eyes! Even her messy curls is working for me!

5th Place: Indiana – Emily Hart

Another fashion risk taker here! Emily’s gown is divine that I am dying with envy right now! This is a type of gown that can be seen in major Hollywood events.

4th Place: California – Mabelynn Capeluj

Mabelynn is oozing with sex appeal in this photo! I love the red dress on her skin. She is glowing! She looks really sexy and delicate… Her make-up and her hairstyle spells sexy as well.

3rd Place: Texas – Ali Nugent

Now, here’s a serving of queenly regalness. The neckline comes off as something from a Disney movie. It is elegant and fits perfectly for a queen like her.

2nd Place: Louisiana – Kristen Girault

I adore this gown! This corseted gown is definitely amazeballs… It’s fabulous, sexy and elegant! I would have preferred a different hairstyle with this gown to showcase the gold details of the gown. And this is the reason why it is on 2nd place only.

1st Place: Oklahoma – Makenzie Muse

My favorite evening gown shot in this group! Everything is just perfect – the mermaid cut gown that highlight her curves, the hair that is kept on one side, the earrings that compliments her gown and that stare that means serious business! She is purrfect!

I hope you had fun reading through the list. Please feel free to share your fave list as well.

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— Kattera —

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