Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Queens on Star Studio Magazine

The queens of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 were featured on a spread in Star Studio Magazine. This is for their June 2013 edition featuring Pia Wurtzbach, Cindy Miranda, Mutya Datul, Bea Santiago and Ara Arida! I don’t own a copy yet so I am making a mental note to purchase this ASAP. You can buy Star Studio Magazine in newsstands and bookstores around the country.

BBP1301Photo Credits:

This is between Ara and Pia for me…  I am happy to know that Ara is improving day by day and can outshine her other queens. It breaks my heart to say this but Mutya is lifeless here. There is an absence of an emotion in her eyes….

BBP1302Photo Credits:

This time, Cindy and Mutya ruled here… Look at the difference on Mutya’s expressions. Cindy looks divine here with the big curls and sultry stare.

So, based on these pictures, Pia’s stronghold is her “left-cheek” angle. Ara looks better with her mouth closed or in a pout. Cindy needs to relax her mouth and put some emotions on her eyes to be believable. Bea looks good with face straight to the camera. She needs to control her mouth so as not to distract her near-perfect cheek bones. Mutya looks divine when she smiles. For “fierce” photos, emotions on the eyes will work on her. No blank stare please!

— Kattera —

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