Miss USA 2013 (11th Update): Road to the Crown Videos (Georgia to Maine)

I guess I owe you an apology for the delay of the follow-up road to the crown videos of Miss USA 2013. I posted the first batch HERE! For me, these videos are really good opportunity for us fans to learn more about the candidates. These will show us more than the angles and poses in photos will give us! I’ll work double time to complete this in time for this Sunday’s finale. Here is the 2nd part:

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Georgia – Brittany Sharp

So, I love the fact that she is a very interesting girl with a wide array of interests – sports, singing and even rescuing puppies. She sounds a bit off for me but what bothers me is her mouth. I (literally) was staring at her mouth the whole time that the video was playing. And what weird is that her mouth looks fine on photos! Hmmm…

Hawaii – Brianna Acosta

I got bored and probably dozed off while watching her video. It’s probably her voice or probably I was not feeling the facial expressions. She is beautiful though and I will probably agree with the kid who mentioned how beautiful she was despite being a “nerd”!

Idaho – Marissa Wickland

Now, Marissa is talking and I am all ears… She had a very controlled yet inviting voice. What made me really interested was the emotions in her eyes. You’ll see there the sincerity and truthfulness in her words. Just observe how her eyes lighted up when she was talking about skiing and their horse. Observe also how the tone of her voice changed according to her emotions! You call it honesty, I call this bravery!

Illinois – Stacie Juris

Stacie is giving me the “Olivia Culpo-vibe” during the video and it’s not a good sign. Every candidate should be noticed and remembered as themselves! I felt some discomfort and uneasiness in the video with all those nervous laughs. She also spoke really fast that there were instances when I can’t understand what she was saying.

Indiana – Emily Hart

I admire her achievements – winery, design working experience and a fiancee. I think that she has achieved a lot in such a young age. This is something that other ladies can learn from. She was engaging in the video but she was at her best. The hair ruined everything and made her face much more elongated. I am also not a fan of the glossy lips. It bothered me!

Iowa – Richelle Orr

I had another snooze fest with Richelle’s video. It was boring and emotionless. How I wish she spoke with a good pace and didn’t eat her words. I am also not a fan of the make-up and over-all styling in the video. I prefer her look in the photo of her dancing. That was miles better!

Kansas – Staci Klinginsmith

Staci started really strong with an engaging voice and interesting story. Then it went downhill with her 5th birthday party video, and she didn’t recover! Her saving grace here?!? She looked amazing all through-out the video. Love love love her facial bone structure!

Kentucky – Allie Leggett

I fell in love with Allie because of three things: (1) we have the same college major – Psychology (2) she looked amazing and sultry and (3) she is a poet – which is one of my frustrations in life (sigh!) My only problem here is the fact that she sounded so detached and forced. There was a split second I felt that it was not real…

Louisiana – Kristen Girault

First, let me just tell you how adorable Kristen was in this video. She was radiant and “relatable”. She is a million times better when she smiles! Probably one of the best smiles this year! One thing that turned me off was her excessive use of “ended up”. ‘Twas a bit annoying for me!

Maine – Ali Clair

Ali did very well in her video. It was light, full of emotions and real… I actually enjoyed looking at her picture with the baby black bear. I also fell in love with her styling especially with her statement necklace. Way to go Ali!

There you go…

I really think that Idaho and Maine dominated this list…

Now, vote for your favorite Miss USA 2013 candidate. Click HERE to vote!

— Kattera —

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