Miss USA 2013 (12th Update): Road to the Crown Videos (Maryland to New Hampshire)

This is the 3rd part in a 5-part series of posts about the Road to the Crown videos of Miss USA 2013 candidates. Despite the limited time, I will make sure to post all 5 parts by Sunday because I feel that this is a very good opportunity for fans to learn more about their candidates. I want to take advantage of the great PR strategy of Miss Universe Organization because you will never find the same quality of coverage from any other pageants. Click HERE for the 1st part and HERE for the 2nd part:

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube

Maryland – Kasey Staniszewski

Kasey has a very gorgeous face! She is very telegenic and I now understand the idea behind her very prominent brows. I think it adds attention and balances out her almost-perfect face! I love it that she is a very talented girl – with a singing piece included in the video!

Massachusetts – Sarah Kidd

This is probably the best Road to the Crown videos!!! Sarah was able to turn this “pageant” video into a campaign video… From a video that highlights herself to a video that focuses on several important issues such as bullying, anorexia and Operation Smile. Good job Sarah!

Michigan – Jaclyn Schultz

What’s with this group?!? It seems that they really know what to say because this is another favorite video of mine! I just love it when girls use their position and star power to highlight something that they believe in. Jaclyn just earned my respect for her after courageously speaking about her disease in front of (possibly) millions of viewers. I am sure it is not easy and it takes courage and belief in one self to do what she just did. Good job!

Minnesota – Danielle Hooper

Compare to the previous videos, I was really not convinced with the video of Danielle. I feel bad saying this knowing that she is one of my favorites in this competition. I thought that there was a bit of awkwardness while she was talking. Even her gorgeous face didn’t save the video.

Mississippi – Paromita Mitra

You probably know, with how this article is going, that I have a very soft heart for “working” beauty queens. Thus, I am madly in love with Paromita 🙂 I love the fact that she is now studying hard and is doing good at it – chasing the so-called American Dream. A lot of people wants to be on her shoes and I am just contented learning that she is not wasting the opportunity given to her. What made this more special is the fact that she is already slowly giving back to her home country. I just wish that she will be successful in life so that she can touch more lives.

Missouri – Ellie Holtman

I didn’t enjoy the video of Ellie… She was just all over the place – from her pharmacy experience to her fear of eating in metal spoons to her dogs. It felt that it wasn’t organized properly. I also was a bit bothered with her brows and her eye shadow! It wasn’t just working for me.

Montana – Kacie West

I was trying to convince myself to fall for Kacie’s video because I am a big fan of teachers but I just can’t… It was probably the quality of the video or probably her voice but I wasn’t getting the whole feel. I was also waiting for the big “omph” factor of the video but sadly I didn’t feel it!

Nebraska – Ellie Lorenzen

Ellie’s video was “almost there”. I actually did enjoy the content of the video especially the feature of Miss Amazing Pageant! Taking a lead role as a pageant director means that she is greatly involved in the pageant! What held me back on this video was really more on the editing – it sounded rough and disorganized.

Nevada – Chelsea Caswell

This made me fall in love with Chelsea! I love the attitude and I love the “take-it-or-leave-it” feel of her video! She is an independent beautiful woman and I admire her for that!

New Hampshire – Amber Faucher

I do love Amber and I am happy to know that she is one heck of a smart and talented lady! That and her undeniably gorgeous face is a sleek combo. I wasn’t much of a fan for the video though. I honestly got bored mid way through the video. I was hoping that she would have turned it into an unforgettable video but she didn’t 😦

I hope you enjoy watching the videos above…

I’ll probably choose Massachusetts, Michigan & Mississippi as the best in this group…

Now, VOTE for them in our Miss USA 2013 Poll. Click HERE to Vote!


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