My Top 10 Favorite Swimsuit Photos – Miss USA 2013

We have all seen the official swimsuit photos of the candidates of Miss USA 2013. Click HERE for the full article! Now, I am ready to share with you m 10 favorite photos. Here they are:

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP (

10th Place: Illinois – Stacie Juris

Aside from that wonderful sculpted body of Stacie, what made me intrigued with the photo is the angling of her body which highlights the perfect curves and the strict demeanor of her face! Just wonderful…

9th Place: Alabama – Mary Margaret McCord

This is a very sensual photo… I love the styling with her hair neatly nestled on her right shoulder. At one point I felt that it was somehow suggestive but its probably just the piercing stare!

8th Place: Delaware – Rachel Baiocco

Another sultry photo here courtesy of Rachel… The key for a very sexy look, I observed, is really with a piercing seductive stare to the camera. And what the heck is she doing with her left thumb?!? Talking about being suggestive…

7th Place: Texas – Ali Nugent

 I love the fact that she looks relaxed and confident in the photo. Her body looks awesome and with that killer smile, Ali is surely on track!

6th Place: Nevada – Chelsea Caswell

Y’all know that I am sucker for girls with nice eyes… And Chelsea is staring at me with that soul-baring stare! Let’s not just talk about her body which looks fantastic by the way! How can I resist her?!?

5th Place: Kentucky – Allie Leggett

Allie has a refreshing smile and this makes the photo really pleasant to look at! Of course her body is superb but the photo has more than that… We call it appeal 😀

4th Place: New Hampshire – Amber Faucher

Amber has the best body in this competition… She is in such a superb state! This could have been easily my number 1 pick but I got turned off by the lack of styling. Several accessories could have helped soften the perfect picture and could have made sure that it will not border to being “too body building-ish”…

3rd Place: Virginia – Shannon McAnally

Such a swimsuit DIVA!!! And I love her. There is so much attitude, diva-ness, and sexiness in this photo! Love love love the make-up!

2nd Place: Minnesota – Danielle Hooper

Another excellent photo from Danielle who also did well in the evening gown shots. She looks so laid-back, relaxed and is juts full of confidence! Her body looks awesome and there is definitely enough drama and attitude!

1st Place: Florida – Michelle Aguirre

Michelle is really one of the strongest candidate in this competition. She is consistent and swimsuit is not an exception! Look at her abdominal muscles and how she angled her body to soften it but highlighted her twinsies! Perfect angle! I also adore the wicked smile here! I love it when a photo generates expressions and emotion in me. Love love love her!

There you go…

Hope you enjoyed the list!

Vote for your favorite Miss USA 2013 candidate. Click HERE to Vote!!!

— Kattera —

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