Miss USA 2013 (13th Update): Preliminary Competition Video

Due to the time difference, the schedule for the preliminary competition of Miss USA 2013 was in conflict with the schedule of my day job. So, I wasn’t able to see it via live streaming. Thank you to some kind-hearted individual, we can all see the preliminary competition because a video was uploaded just hours after the show. Sharing the video to you:

Video Credits: fabianf8 of YouTube

Why is preliminary competition so important! For Miss USA (and also Miss Universe), preliminary competition is actually the first battle royal for the candidates because through this competition, the Top 15 will be decided upon! The competition is usually divided into 3 parts: swimsuit and evening gown (which is open to public) and a closed-door interview. So this is literally the “make-or-break” competition for the delegates! Now, who performed well in the preliminary competition of Miss USA 2013?

“Had Me at Hello” – The girls who made great first impression! 

Alabama (Mary Margaret McCord), Connecticut (Erin Brady), Florida (Michelle Aguirre), Georgia (Brittany Sharp), Illinois (Stacie Juris), Kansas (Staci Klinginsmith), Maryland (Kasey Staniszewski), Mississippi (Paromita Mitra), New Hampshire (Amber Faucher), Ohio (Kristen Smith), Oklahoma (Makenzie Muse), South Carolina (Megan Pinckney) and Virginia (Shannon McAnally).

“Elegance at Its Finest” – The girls who glided in their evening gown in a very elegant manner 😀

Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia (Jessica Frith), Iowa (Richelle Orr),  Louisiana (Kristen Girault), Maine (Ali Clair), Maryland, Massachusetts (Sarah Kidd), Nevada (Chelsea Caswell), New Jersey (Libell Duran), New York (Joanne Nosuchinsky), North Carolina (Ashley Love-Mills), Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah (Marissa Powell), Virginia, Washington (Cassandra Searles) and West Virginia (Chelsea Welch)

“Confidently Fit” – The ladies who are confident in their swimsuit because they are fit 😀

Alabama, California (Mabelynn Capeluj), Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota (Jessica Albers), Texas (Ali Nugent), Utah and Virginia.

So, you’ve seen my favorites from the preliminary competition of Miss USA 2013. This will have the biggest impact as I complete my fave list. Please feel free to share your faves by leaving a comment below.


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