(Father’s Day Special) Alejandra Andreu – “Thank You for Always Being by my Side”

“Your Children need your presence more than your presents. – Jesse Jackson”

This article completes my 3-part Father’s Day Special. This follows my article featuring the Dad of Miss Earth Foundation’s Executive Director – Cathy Untalan – and Sir Ron Titular – the husband of Miss Universe Philippines 1985 Joyce Burton-Titular. Check-out the articles HERE and HERE! Now, I am proud to share with you the story of Alejandra Andreu (Miss International 2008 from Spain) and a simple story of sacrifice and selflessness of her father who loves her dearly!


One of the things that I wanted to achieve with this Special Feature is to share the inspiring stories of Dads & Fathers of beauty queens. It is public knowledge that Filipinos have a very closely-knit family. And our fathers play a very big role in slowly molding us to where we are now! With this special feature, I was hoping to write about a non-Filipino queen and her family. This is to answer my curiousity on their culture and how it affects the dynamics within a certain family.

It seems to be a very long shot for me until I received a reply from Alejandra! We’ve been friends online for several years,  exchanging just Hi’s because I am too shy to send her a message. Apparently, she is very approachable and accommodating 🙂 Let us learn more about Alejandra, her dad and her family!

Alejandra and her dad…

Alejandra02Photo Credits: Alejandra Andreu

Domzee: Kindly describe to us your father.

Alejandra: My father always supported me with the things I liked to do. He respected my choices and helped me reach my goals. My father is a very good man, that always takes care of his family. I love how calm and respectful he can be in difficult moments.

Domzee: How did your father react after learning that you won the Miss International crown?

Alejandra: He was extremely happy and proud of this accomplishment. A lot of sacrifice went into being able to be present at that beauty pageant!

Domzee: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your father?

Alejandra: To be patient and calm is good in some moments. It is important to know how to wait.

Domzee: What is your Father’s Day message to your dad?

Alejandra: Well I would like to thank him for always being by my side. we don’t talk daily but i would still like to remind him that he has been and will always be important for me. Thank you for your support and mature advices you have given me.

Here is Alejandra with her dad when he visited the set of her TV Show


The concept of family is truly universal. I am happy to learn that Alejandra continues to reach greater heights and acknowledging the role of her father in her successes! I wish Alejandra the best with her projects and her studies! Thank you for letting us in into a part of your personal life! Besos 😀

To all the Papa, Daddy and Fathers around the world – Happy Father’s Day!!! I hope that you – my dear readers – enjoyed this Special 😀


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