(Father’s Day Special) Cathy Untalan – “I Know I am His Favorite!”

“My Father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give (to) another person, he believed in me. – Jim Valvano”

Welcome to the 2nd part of my Father’s Day Special! Sir Ron Titular, opened up to me about his story with Ms. Joyce Burton HERE! Now, I am sharing to you another inspiring story of pure love from a father who is always there for his children! Ms. Cathy Untalan – the Executive Director of Miss Earth Foundation – shares her story with her number one fan – her Dad!


Ms. Cathy Untalan “kills” me with kindness. My apologies for the word! I don’t feel the need to elaborate it here but she really is a kind woman. She is an epitome of a modern woman – beautiful, intelligent, independent, cares for others (and the environment) and has this untainted character. I believe that with her character, she is surely a part of such a loving family. And today, as the Earth celebrates Father’s Day, I want to give tribute to the man behind Ms. Cathy! A simple gesture to thank him for properly raising a woman who is now working hard to make the lives of many others a more beautiful one! Thank you for giving Ms. Cathy to us!

Ms. Cathy Untalan bonds with her Dad!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto Credits: Ms. Cathy Untalan

 Domzee: Kindly describe to us your father and his role in preparing you for your pageants.

Ms. Cathy: My dad is a military man and we have rules. Priority is studies. No time for pageants, modeling, dating. I asked permission from my parents before I tried out for another pageant. They did not approve of it. I was not too sure of it. We both had the same reason: I was graduating and it might jeopardize my honors. But I went ahead with it and didn’t make it. We were all happy (haha!) Then I finally decided to join Miss Philippines Earth which I really had interests on because of the advocacy (being a volunteer for an environmental NGO in college). They also agreed and fully supported this. My parents are very happy for me. But it was my dad who was always there because my mom gets too nervous watching me. She only watched me when I turned over my crown because I was no longer competing. But until now, you would know how proud they are. They still mention the fact that I was Miss Earth Water in conversations with other people.

Domzee: Will you consider yourself as a Daddy’s girl?

Ms. Cathy: He loves us dearly but I know I am his favorite. Haha!

Domzee: How did your father react after learning that you will be competing in Miss Earth? And his reaction after learning that you placed as a finalist?

Ms. Cathy: Very happy. My achievements are magnified to him all the time. My parents are proudest when they see me reap awards and content with what I am doing.

Domzee: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your father?

Ms. Cathy: As mentioned, he is a military man and I imbibed a lot of his traits and values. He’s very organized, systematic and education is very valuable to him. He is very honest and I am very proud when I hear good things about him. Together with my mother, he made all of us realize the importance of working hard to achieve our goals. They strived to be where they are even when they had financial challenges. We did not have to struggle with any of that and they made sure we know that. We also learned from both our parents the value of being selfless. My daddy, no matter how busy he is would drive us to school every morning, help us with our projects and check on us. He is an extremely good father. He is the best.

Domzee: What is your Father’s Day message to your dad?

Ms. Cathy: I don’t tell him enough but I am very grateful for everything that you have done for me/us. Thank you. I love you and I hope even in simple ways I make you feel as special and as loved as you make me feel.


To Ms. Cathy: Thank you for saying “yes” to this interview! Thank you also for being an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for being an Earth Angel, PDI’s Read-Along Ambassador, a part of My Birthday Foundation and for being a lot more! Thank you for helping us discover more beauty queens! Kindly greet and thank your Dad for all of us!


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