(Father’s Day Special) Ron Titular – Father, Husband & A Beauty Queen’s Bestfriend

” I do not want a husband who honors me as a Queen, if he does not love me as a woman! – Elizabeth I “

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad, Papa and Pops in the Universe! Same greeting goes to all of your fathers (and your husbands – if applicable) my dear readers. As my way of celebrating this special day, I gathered three special stories of love and understanding that only fathers and husbands can give… Again, Happy Father’s Day to all Daddy out there 😀


My very first feature in this 3-part special is Sir Ron Titular – the loving husband and the father of the beautiful children of my favorite blogging beauty queen – Ms. Joyce Burton-Titular of Adventures of A Beauty Queen.

I had the opportunity to meet Sir Ron when I went to Manila for Bb. Pilipinas 2011. I was intimidated meeting him (at first) because I was thinking that he’s probably strict and me being talkative will not sit well with him. However, he turned-out to be one of the smartest and most accommodating person ever. We ended up sitting together in Araneta and he kept on checking if I was doing okay because I was a bit busy blogging live. I really appreciated it. He made me feel comfortable 🙂

So what made me interested in featuring him here? Three reasons actually: (1) I  think that Sir Ron and Ms Joyce looks good together and I think that they love each other so much and I think that the whole Universe should know more about their inspiring story (2) I admire him for always being there for Ms. Joyce especially during pageants – I am not sure if other husbands can sit through a beauty pageant with their wives, what more if they need to attend several pageants in a year and (3) Being able to watch beauty pageants, I am interested to know his opinion on some interesting issues.

Here is Sir Ron with his beautiful wife and daughter, celebrating Father’s Day 2013…

SirRon01Photo Credits: Ms. Joyce’s FB Page

Domzee: Can you share with us your love story with Ms. Joyce!

Sir Ron: We met at the birthday party of a mutual friend after I had returned from working in Indonesia. She took a seat next to me and we were introduced. She actually started the conversation by saying “you have a nice voice… are you a dj?” and we had a fun time chatting and exchanging corny jokes. Sometime later during the party, I asked one of our friends “So who exactly is she?” He looked at me like, “duh”, and said “Joyce Ann Burton…?” … to which I just stared blankly at him… and he added “beauty queen…?” (more blank stares from me…) “1985. Miss Philippines.!!!” and I said “Oh…!”. Hahaha. Anyway, we winded up becoming friends for over a year before we actually started dating.

Domzee: How is it being married to a beauty queen?

Sir Ron: It didn’t really hit me till much later in our relationship what it really meant that Joyce was Miss Philippines because from the start it wasn’t something that she talked about all that much. In fact whenever people would come up to us because they recognized her she would smile sweetly then hurriedly and shyly grab on to my arm and we’d slip away. She showed me a few pictures and articles and told me some stories, but it wasn’t until she decided to start her blog a couple of years ago that I really started to see more of the “beauty queen” side of her life. It is a joy for me to see her when she is working on her blog (Adventures Of A Beauty Queen) or out with her beauty queen friends for coffee or attending a pageant and to see her full of excitement and passion for the Filipina Beauty. I’ve always admired her for all she’s been through and I’ve always been proud of the career she has built as a broadcaster, voice talent and blogger while being a wife and a mother. When you add to that the fact that she is a Miss Philippines (and Miss Young Philippines also!)… one of a select group of women recognized as a true beauty worthy of representing the Filipina and the Philippine nation… well, that is something I am extremely, doubly, beamingly proud of. 

Domzee: You have a very beautiful daughter, was there a moment that she considered joining beauty pageants? And if she do ask your permission, will you allow her?

Sir Ron: For the most part Diandra has never really wanted to join any beauty pageant. The few times she did mention it, it was more like she was wondering out loud what it would be like to join one. If ever she did want to seriously join I would first make sure that her goals and purposes were in order and then would be supportive. 

Domzee: If one day Ms. Joyce will tell you that she is interested in joining a pageant – probably Mrs. World – will you allow her to join?

Sir Ron: I would actually say something quite similar to the previous question about Diandra. I would first discuss with Joyce her goals and purposes for wanting to join and then would be fully supportive of her if she really wanted to pursue it. I think the Filipina is a gifted by God with a wonderful combination of sweetness and strength, a brilliant mix of faith and frivolity, and true radiant beauty inside and out. Joyce epitomizes this. So if she wanted to seriously join Mrs. World I think she would be a perfect candidate to represent the Philippines. 

Domzee: Being able to witness several beauty pageants, what do you consider as the most exciting part?

Sir Ron: I’m a photography hobbyist and have had the privilege to accompany Joyce to many of the pageant activities from screening to talent portions to pre-pageant events and coronation nights and event to after pageant celebration parties to help her “capture the moments” for her blog. The moment of the announcement of the winners and the ensuing rush to the stage to get close-up shots of them are truly the “crowning moments” of the pageants. All the parts, though, have their own interesting aspects that I find fun to shoot, but because I experience them all along-side Joyce her passion and enthusiasm brings it all to another level of excitement.

Domzee: And what do you think are the qualities needed to win a beauty pageant title?

Sir Ron: Beauty, confidence, poise, intelligence (there are different types of intelligence so I’m not necessarily saying “smart” only)


I’ve been reading his answers the moment I received it and his answers never fail to amaze me. His answers are beautifully crafted and I kept on imagining him answering it with his radio-friendly voice. Yes, he really has a nice voice! I admire him more now, after learning how he greatly respects and love Ms. Joyce – a woman that I just adore! I am crossing my fingers that Ms. Joyce is open to competing again in a beauty pageant! I would like to thank Sir Ron and Ms. Joyce for saying yes to this interview! Please continue inspiring people with your voices (literally and figuratively) and kindness! Happy Father’s Day Sir Ron!


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2 Responses to (Father’s Day Special) Ron Titular – Father, Husband & A Beauty Queen’s Bestfriend

  1. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    I really married a wonderful guy ha? Thanks so much for featuring this… Ron is really an amazing guy and I am just so blessed to have him as a supporter, a friend, a boss and a partner in crime!!!

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Ms. Joyce! I enjoyed writing this article 🙂 Sir Ron is such a fine gentleman and the universe needs to know that 😀 I am very happy seeing you both (in FB that is). I read that he’s not feeling well today! Please extend my regards and I wish he will feel better soon! Thank you for making the interview possible!

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