Kattera’s Fave List – Miss USA 2013

It saddens me that I wasn’t able to properly cover Miss USA 2013. But I am just as enthusiastic to share with you the girls who made a mark during the course of the pageant and my favorites to place in the finale later today! My fave list for Miss USA 2013 is a bit different from my previous lists. This is just plain old enumeration of my favorites! I wish all the ladies the best of luck in the finale!

Thanks to http://www.missusa.com for the pictures that were used in the collage!

The Alternatives


North Carolina (Ashley Love-Mills)

Michigan (Jaclyn Schultz)

New Hampshire (Amber Faucher)

Ohio (Kristin Smith)

California (Mabelynn Capeluj)

Top 16


16th: Florida (Michelle Aguirre)

15th Nevada (Chelsea Caswell)

14th: New York (Joanne Nosuchinsky)

13th: Louisiana (Kristen Girault)

12th: Texas (Ali Nugent)

11th: West Virginia (Chelsea Welch)

Top 10


10th: Connecticut (Erin Brady)

9th: South Carolina (Megan Pinckney)

8th: Maryland (Kasey Staniszewski)

7th: Oklahoma (Makenzie Muse)

6th: Illinois (Stacie Juris)

Top 5


4th Runner-up: Utah (Marissa Powell)

3rd Runner-up: New Jersey (Libell Duran)

2nd Runner-up: Minnesota (Danielle Hooper)

1st Runner-up: Virginia (Shannon McAnally)

Miss USA 2013: Alabama (Mary Margaret McCord)


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