Miss USA 2013 Coronation Night (Videos)

I found these videos of the Miss USA 2013 coronation nights. These really aren’t the best in terms of the quality but nevertheless, these will be enough for a “lowly” fan like me who missed watching it live. A special thanks to (hannellys quintero) of YouTube for posting these videos…

Announcement of Top 15

If you’ve read my favelist, I actually thought that they will be naming 16 candidates as semifinalists. I was under the impression that there was a fan vote! Not sure on what happened. While the Top 15 was being called out, I actually thought that South Carolina (Megan Pinckney), Maryland (Kasey Staniszewski), Illinois (Stacie Juris) and Connecticut (Erin Brady). Erin – who ended up winning the competition – was actually channeling Olivia Culpo in a good way! So how did I fare with my fave list?!? Out of the 16 ladies I listed, 10 was actually called-out to advance after the 1st cut; then 8 survived the 2nd cut with 5 of them in my own Top 10 and all 6 finalists were in my fave list with 3 girls placing in my own Top 6. Over-all, I am very happy with the results and with how my fave candidates performed! Though, I badly miss some of my personal faves like Minnesota, Oklahoma & New Jersey!

Swimsuit Competition

My favorites in this round were: Ohio (Kristin Smith), Alabama (Mary Margaret McCord), California (Mabelynn Capeluj), Maryland and Utah (Marissa Powell).

Announcement of Top 10

Evening Gown

I was impressed with the performances of Connecticut, South Carolina, Utah and Alabama.

Announcement of Top 6

Final Question


Enjoy watching the videos and feel free to leave your comments bel0w!!!


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  1. The last question determines what

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