Say No To Fur (A PETA Ad Campaign)

Four former Miss USAs, teamed up with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for a campaign discouraging beauty pageant organizers to stop awarding – and accepting – fur coats as prizes to winners. I’m actually in  shock after learning that fur coats are still used as prizes in pageants. It actually sounds outdated. Why can’t they give out cash or cars or something else… Why fur coats?!?

Alyssa Campanella (Miss USA 2011), Shanna Moakler (Miss USA 1995), Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004) and Susie Castillo (Miss USA 2003) posed for this ad shot by Miss Universe Organization’s favorite pageant photographer – Fadil Berisha. These Miss Universe queens are seen here with nothing but heels as they personifies the tagline for the campaign – Feel Beautiful in Your Skin and Let Animals Keep Theirs. This campaign hopes to raise awareness on the horrible conditions of animals who are killed for their furs. These animals are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and often skinned alive.

As you already know, I am always happy seeing my beloved beauty queens use their status as “Queens” in doing good for others – other human being, mother earth and even for animals. These four lovely queens deserve a big round of applause for their bravery and commitment to advance this specific cause. Shandi deserves an extra pat on her back for shining over the other queens. She looks divine and her body is still on shape! Good job Queens!


Alyssa Campanella, Shanna Moakler, Shandi Finnessey & Susie Castillo for PETA

Photo Credits: Fadil Berisha &


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