Texas vs Florida (NBA Style)

I woke up with the cheers and shout of my house mates as they watch Game 6 of NBA Finals – Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs. We actually have an unwritten rule in the house to respect each other’s “noise” if it involves our favorites – for them it’s NBA and for me it’s Miss Universe. And by the way, all of them are Miami fans.

I know that Miss USA 2013 is already done with Connecticut taking home the crown, I would like to dedicate this post to my housemates and create a Miami (Florida) vs San Antonio (Texas) collage. As I write this post, it’s half time for Game 6 with San Antonio leading the game with 6 points. If San Antonio wins this game, they will be winning the season but if Miami takes this, then there will be a Game 7!

Will this follow the trend in Miss USA 2013 where Florida missed the cut while Texas sat comfortably in the Top 5?!?

Florida VS Texas


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