Texas vs Florida (Miss USA 2013 Style)

Don’t panic!!! This is still a beauty pageant blog… Take this as a breather after the busy days of Miss USA 2013 😀

2 days ago, I posted HERE a collage of Florida vs Texas (or in NBA Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs) which I dedicated to my housemates who were shouting endlessly during the thrilling and exciting Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Miami Heat ended up stealing the game and forced a Game 7 – which is, I’m sure, double the excitement than the previous game!

Apparently, the recently concluded Miss USA 2013 had a photoshoot involving the candidates of Florida (Miami) and Texas (San Antonio) in an NBA-rivalry fashion! They were even asked to wear the jersey of their teams! I literally jumped with joy after seeing these pictures… I will re-post the questions that I asked in my previous post…

Will NBA follow the results of Miss USA 2013 where Florida (Miami Heat) missed the cut while Texas (San Antonio Spurs) sat comfortably in the Top 5?!? So let me make an uninformed bet… Even though my housemates and my office mates (shout-out to Jello, Russel & Steph) are rooting for Miami, I will bet for San Antonio Spurs! This is definitely not based on stats or certain players (because I hardly know one) but this is because I am following the results of Miss USA 2013. At the end of the day, my heart is with beauty pageants! Hahaha!

Here are the photos:

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/missusa

PS. Just an interesting post in my Facebook Timeline: “How I wish Miss Universe has  a Game 7. If you perform poorly in swimsuit, you will still advance and the decision will only be based after all the pageant segments!”

The best of luck to both teams!!!


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