Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013 – The Official Candidates

I introduced to you the newest pageant in town HERE! Now, I am ready to share with you the official list of candidates of Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013. The pageant’s National Director – Alexis Sy Go (a beauty queen herself) – shared the official photos and profile of the candidates. I am actually impressed with the quality of candidates. There are candidates armed with 5’8″ or 5’9″ height which is very useful in a beauty pageants. There are also candidates with so much “face & beauty” potential.

Others might say that “Tsinoy” beauty is more into the “cute” type with usual “chinita eyes” and a very nice smile with a girl-next-door aura. However, once in a while, we actually encounter a “fierce” Chinese-Filipina who can collide head-to-head with the “hottest” Latinas. A very good example is my forever favorite Carlene Aguilar! I will not discount the possibility that I will be seeing the next Carlene from Miss Chinatown Philippines! I am crossing my fingers for the pageant and for Alexis!

Carlene Aguilar - Miss World 2005 Semifinalist

Carlene Aguilar – Miss World 2005 Semifinalist

Photo Credits: http://www.missosology.info

Without much delay, here are the official candidates of Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013:

(01) Jerene Tan – 5’4″

(02) Robyn Tan – 5’4″

(03) Michelle Marie Sy – 5’5″

(04) Rolini Lim Pineda – 5’7″

(05) Jamie Chua Reyes – 5’6.5″

(06) Lhowelle Lyka Tan – 5’7″

(07) Sheryl Elaine Chua – 5’7″

(08) Samantha Jade Dy – 5’9″

(09) Maricon Cho – 5’9″

(10) Hannah Dy – 5’8″

(11) Frances Elaine Cham – 5’8″

(12) Kimberly Nicole Ang Mas – 5’7″

(13) Aeryka Chu – 5’6″

(14) Catrina Mika De Guzman Ang – 5’5″

(15) Catherine Yao – 5’5″

(16) Anna Patricia Baesa Tan – 5’4″

There goes the official candidates of Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013. I still need to see more pictures to go all out but these are the candidates who made a very good first impression with me: Candidates 04, 09, 10, 14 & 15! Now, that is a Top 5!

Please feel free to share your own bets here!


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