Was it a “Skinny” Miss USA 2013?

This question kept me awake for several nights after reading an article that was posted in the US Magazine – click HERE for the full article. It made me look back at pictures from the finale and watch the finals again via the videos posted on YouTube. What was “intriguing” for me was the fact that they quoted a former Miss USA (2003 – Susie Castillo) saying that:

I was a little shocked, too, sitting in the audience and seeing ribcages showing, protruding from these girls’ skins. I was like, ‘Wow, these girls….’

The comment of Susie intrigued me because she is a former Miss USA and the her comments – if taken as fact by fans – might have a detrimental effect on the organization that she is part of. I wonder how Miss Universe Organization took these comments!


Miss North Carolina, Connecticut & Nevada during the Swimsuit segment of Miss USA 2013

Photo Credits: Ethan Miller of Getty & http://www.usmagazine.com

I can’t answer this question with much confidence because I was not in the venue. I am only basing my observations on pictures and videos that were made available for the general public.

First, let me explain on the rationale behind the swimsuit segment of a beauty pageant. This segment advocates health and fitness! Being beautiful does not only refer to the facial beauty of the candidate but also on the fit and healthy body of that candidate which will give her confidence to strut in a bikini! Deciding if a candidate is healthy or not is a bit subjective as well. There are no official weight-ins and no tests that will determine if the candidates are healthy or not. Most of the time, judges are looking for toned legs and arms and abdominal muscles should be well-defined! On top of all these, girls are trained to walk in an “appropriate” way that will highlight her curves. Catwalk for swimsuit pageants usually involves a lot of hip action while the upper body stays strong. These factors should be considered in evaluating if the candidates were too skinny for a pageant.

Second, let us try to understand the concern of individuals about seeing “skinny” girls in the competition! It is simply because a lot of people (especially the youth) look-up to the Beauty Queens. Thus, every lady who wants to become a beauty queen should consider it as her responsibility to be a worthy role model to everyone in the world. All of their decisions, action and consequences of those should be done with much consideration for the fact that a lot of people are watching their every move.

So, was it really a “skinny” Miss USA 2013? I don’t think so! Yes, there were ribcages from time to time but over-all i think the ladies were in a very good shape! They even looked fantastic in their bikinis… Like what I explained above, I think there are factors to consider: (1) candidates have the tendency to suck their tummies in hoping that it might look flatter but in the process, making their ribcages protrude (2) these girls are moving and are engaging in heavy hip swaying while their upper torso remains still and (3) sometimes angle does the trick… Basing on the pictures and videos I have seen, I didn’t see any reason to say that the pageant was “skinny”.


Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama during the Swimsuit Segment of Miss USA 2013 Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com/missusa

Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama – my favorite to win the crown – had some rib cage action during the swimsuit segment of the pageant BUT I didn’t find her body awkward. I think that she looks very fit and healthy with the toned legs and arms. Each picture above tells a different story which probably supports my take that sometimes the difference is on the angle!

Lastly, I don’t think Miss Universe Organization will just sit and be silent if in case there will be talks about “skinny” candidates! As an organization that takes “health” as their charity program, I am sure that MUO will ensure that the queens (and candidates) that represent them are at their best.

Kindly leave a note and please let me know on what you think about this very important issue!

Video Credits: MoreHotGirlsPlz of YouTube


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