Throwback Thursday (06.27.13): The 3 Consecutive Almosts of Colombia!

I am a fan of the concept behind Throwback Thursday that is quiet famous in several social networking sites today. The idea behind Throwback Thursday is to post some pictures that are nostalgic and yeah, old… It’s not just about the picture per se but more on the memories and the stories behind that photo! So I am adopting the concept here and will tweak it a bit! I’ll be posting not just nostalgic photos but also unforgettable pageant stories and experiences! This will surely be as colorful as beauty pageants itself! So make sure you drop by here every Thursday!

Our very first Throwback Thursday features Colombia – home of some of the world’s most beautiful people. I am a fan of Colombian beauty queens because they are one of the most prepared delegate in every pageant. I am not sure about their pageants and their training but they always crown the right one and the transformation going to the pageant is superb! Despite these, Colombia only have one (1) Miss Universe crown and this was earned in 1958. The second crown is I think long overdue!!!

Something really memorable for Colombia happened last 1992 to 1994 when Colombia had three (3) consecutive First Runner-up positions! I’ll probably be frustrated if this happened to my country. Just imagine this: your country is so hungry and thirsty for a crown, then your representative was part of the semifinalists, she ended up reaching the top 3, your heart is racing as the results are being announced, you feel bad after hearing she placed 2nd runner-up and the same scenario happens three consecutive times! Such a bummer right? Here are the 3 consecutive “almosts” of Colombia:


Miss Universe 1992: Madhu Sapre of India (2nd RU), Michelle McLean of Namibia (Winner) and Paola Turbay of Colombia (1st RU)

Photo Credits:


Miss Universe 1993: Paula Andrea Betancourt of Colombia (1st RU), Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico (Winner) & Milka Chulina of Venezuela (2nd RU)

Photo Credits:


Miss Universe 1994: Carolina Gomez of Colombia (1st RU), Sushmita Sen of India (Winner) & Minorka Mercado of Venezuela (2nd RU)

Photo Credits: Pawee of

It is my hope that Colombia will achieve its much deserved second Miss Universe crown really soon!


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