The Impalpable Dream of Russia – A Miss Universe 2013 Premonition

This is not a fashion post…

Michael Cinco – a Samar-born Dubai-based couturier – presented a collection about the Impalpable Dream of Russia during the Philippine Fashion Week last May! After a month, Miss Universe Organization announced  Moscow, Russia as the venue for Miss Universe 2013. Like a powerful seer, Cinco showcased haute couture pieces which gave a welcome nod to imperial Russia!

As I go through his collection, I spoke a very short prayer for  Mdm. Stella Araneta to send Philippine’s Ara Arida to Russia packed with a Michael Cinco piece for her evening gown! This will surely be better than an Alfredo Barazza number. I am crossing my fingers as the idea plays on mind! This will be a perfect highlight of Bb. Pilipinas‘ Golden celebration!

Michael Cinco was able to dress some of our queens before and the ladies looked exquisite with his creations.

Sandra Seifert glowed in this stage-sweeping Michael Cinco gown during Miss Earth 2009. With Sandra’s impressive catwalk skills, she managed to carry the gown with gracefulness and stood out among a competitive batch of candidates.

Queenierich Rehman made the country proud during Miss World 2012 wearing this fiery creation of Michael Cinco! Her gown is one of the best in last year’s competition…

I am really buying the idea of Ara wearing a Michael Cinco gown from his Philippine Fashion Week 2013 collection. So, I chose 3 dresses that I think will look best on Ara, will stand-out on the Miss Universe stage and will create the much needed buzz in Russia!

I love the intricate details and the richness of this gown! Since this a pageant, the skin-tone sleeves must go and retaining the sweetheart neckline! I will probably retain the lower-half of the gown as see though as it adds mystery and sex appeal to the gown!

 Imagine if Ara Arida comes out in this gown that showcases Cinco’s craftmanship! It will be a show-stopper… I will not be changing anything from this gown. Instead, I will add a cape (drawing inspiration from Miyako Miyazaki of Miss Universe 2003). Mr. Cinco can surely create a cape similar in design to the cape below on the same color with the gown above! Thinking of this makes me smell drama, lots and lots of drama…

 Talking about drama, this last piece will push Ara ahead of the other candidates. This gown sends out a strong message to the judges that Ara is ready to claim the crown! I’ll probably exchange the belt with a gold metal belt to contrast the softness of the cloth. It will also ensure that Ara will not look too “princessy” on stage!

I can only wish for these gowns but I have high hopes for the golden Binibinis! Please Mdm. Stella, even just for this year 🙂

Check-out the complete collection of Michael Cinco HERE and let me know if you have other choices…


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