Miss Universe 2013 (2nd Update): All About Crocus City Hall

Miss Universe Organization announced HERE that Miss Universe 2013 will be staged in the magnificent city of Moscow in Russia. I can’t wait for the pageant to start as I imagine the girls showcasing the culture and vibrance of the city to fans like me who can only dream about visiting the city!

As I patiently count the days to November 9, I decided to inquire more about the official venue of the pageant. I will talk more about Moscow and Russia on a later post. For today, I decided to focus on where all the actions will be – the famous Crocus City Hall. It’s actually funny that I was under the impression that it is a government building. Here in the Philippines, if you say City Hall, it usually refers to the building that houses the offices of the city officials.


The Magnificent Facade of Crocus City Hall

Photo Credits: http://www.crocus-hall.ru

With a quick search online, I learned that Crocus City Hall is actually a flexible and multi-faceted arena ideal for variety of events – congresses, conferences, concerts, etc. This hall is part of the Crocus City Complex – along with the Crocus City Mall, hotels and restaurants. The venue can accommodate up to 6,200 seats and the stage is grand enough to deliver world-class performances. My heart skipped a beat after seeing the pictures! I can only imagine the grandness… Now, I am crossing my fingers for an opening number that will match the venue’s majestic stance! Check-out some photos below:

Photo Credits: http://www.crocus-hall.ru




Just an unforgettable opening number please….

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