Erin Brady’s First 48 Hours as Miss USA

I was about to close my computer when I saw this video on my YouTube feed. And as a blogger who loves his readers so much, I just can’t sleep without sharing with you this amazing video by Erin Brady – Miss USA 2013.

Have you wondered before on what happens to the newly crowned queen of the Miss Universe Organization? I mean, after getting the title and probably joining the victory party after the finale?!? Then, this video will give you a glimpse of the first 48 hours of Erin after winning the Miss USA 2013 title.  So basically, she flew immediately to New York City and moved in to the apartment that she is sharing with Logan West (Miss Teen USA 2012) and Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012). I really felt her excitement over the start of a new chapter of her life! I can only imagine how it feels stepping-in into a new apartment (in the Big Apple) that will be her home for the next year. The day after, she started right away her chores as the new Miss USA – granting interviews and guested on several TV shows. I wish Erin the best of luck! Enjoy the rest of your reign 😀

Video Credits: OfficialMissUSA of YouTube


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