Miss World 2013 (2nd Update): Contestant Introduction – Part 1

I understand that Miss World 2013 is still 2 months away but I appreciate the fact that Miss World Organization is already making its presence felt to us fans! Their way of giving us a glimpse of what to expect this September, MWO requested the official candidates to create a short video to introduce themselves to the audience. I will post these videos here but will do it by batch! Let us meet the first 5 Miss World 2013 candidates and let us know more about them.

Video Credits: OfficialMissWorld of YouTube

South Sudan – Modong Manuela Mogga

Modong is very pretty and speaks really well. I think that she fits the “preference” of the organization: an achiever (medical school), intelligent and has a very natural (read: untouched) beauty. How I wish she would sound a bit more enthusiastic and lively. I will closely watch over this lady!

Northern Ireland – Meagan Green

I am hooked with Meagan’s mysterious pair of eyes! I know it’s not as “hypnotic” as Sophie Mould‘s eyes but there is a bit of charm in Meagan’s. Despite the lovely eyes, I felt that there was something wrong with her face especially when I saw the flashbacks from her national pageant. It is probably the shape of her face – not loving it! If you will observe, her head looks a bit roundish which was highlighted when she tied her hair for a simple ponytail in the flashbacks. This, however, was not evident when she just let her hair down and let some tresses frame her face! I hope that Meagan is reading this 🙂

Mexico – Marilyn Chagoya

Hmmm… This is interesting! I am not liking this lady… Her beauty is really not my cup of tea! Or is it just probably the styling?!? She looks older than her real age and the heavy eyeliner made her look a bit heavy for my liking! I hope that she can go easy on her eyes! I also think that she is overselling herself in this video… The personality seemed to be so forced as well! To Marilyn, just relax and be yourself. Add some Espanol in your lines to add some spice! Oh I miss Perla Beltran!

Fiji – Caireen Erbsleben

Caireen is beautiful but I am not sure if it is enough to stand out when she sets foot in Indonesia. I really think that she sounded monotonous and it made her answers less inspiring. It was a bit rushed and fast for a casual interview of a beauty queen! I guess it was not a good idea to shoot outdoors (by the sea) because her hair was a big mess.

Gibraltar – Maroua Kharbouch

This is the best candidate introduction in this batch! Maroua looked impeccably dressed and radiant in this video. I might be a bit bothered by the mole and her wider hips but I think, over-all, she is a great candidate in the pageant. I love her hair and skin in the video… Glowing!!! Maroua also sounded smart and the manner that she delivered the lines was just perfect! She just became a serious contender for me! Don’t forget, Gibraltar already has a Miss World crown so another crown is really not a distant possibility!


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