Throwback Thursday (07.11.13): Beauty Pageant’s Firsts

Our Throwback Thursday article for today is all about the firsts… We have several international pageants today and countless national pageants! I thought that our Throwback Thursday article should honor the pioneer of beauty pageants! Let us remember the first Big 4 Titleholders – the women who had the honor to receive the very first title of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

It was July 29, 1951 when Miss World was first staged. It was staged at the Lyceum Theater in London, England. Kerstin “Kicki” Hakansson of Sweden won the first Miss World crown.


Photo Credits: Tumblr

The very first Miss Universe was held on June 28, 1952 at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California USA. The winner of the pageant was Armi Kuusela of Finland, who was crowned at the age of 17.

Stella Marquez represented her native country – Colombia – in the very first Miss International competition and won the crown. The pageant was held in Long Beach, California, USA on August 12, 1960. This happened after she placed as a semifinalist in Miss Universe 1960.

The very first edition of Miss Earth was stage on October 28, 2001 in Quezon City, Philippines. At the end of the finale, Catharina Svensson of Denmark had the honor of wearing the very first Miss Earth crown.

Congratulations to Catharina, Stella, Armi and Kicki for this achievement! Such an honor… Such an honor!

Happy Thursday!!!


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