Miss World Philippines 2013 (7th Update): The Final Screening

The wait for the official start of Miss World Philippines 2013 is killing me. After visiting my favorite beauty pageant forum – Sash Factor and Missosology – I can relate to the anxiety of some fans on how late the pageant is knowing that Miss World 2013 will kick start its events early September! I just hope that the winner of Miss World Philippines 2013 is ready (in all aspects) to compete internationally given the time left to prepare!

In a move  that seems to call for “calmness” from fans, the Director of Miss World Philippines – Cory Quirino – released an official statement in the official website of the pageant. It is a very short message and no pageant details mentioned but it is enough to ease my disappointment (for now)! At the very least, the message assured me that the pageant is really happening! Here is the complete message from Ms. Cory!

Dear Miss World Philippines family, friends, supporters and aspiring Miss World Philippines Queens,

It is with great pride that we will soon present to you Miss World Philippines 2013. More than an exciting year it will also be filled with much adventure, and glamor. Above all, 2013 will be the banner year where we will make our mark through our CSR advocacy powered by our slogan Beauty in Giving – as inspired by Miss World’s own theme “Beauty with a Purpose”.

At this early stage, allow me to welcome you. aspiring beauty queens of Miss World Philippines 2013 to the field.


Sincerely yours,

Cory Quirino

Director, Miss World Philippines

(Original message published in http://www.missworldphilippines.com)

One reason to look forward to Miss World Philippines 2013 is the “buzz” that Actress and TV Host Megan Young is allegedly “Confirmed” to be joining the pageant! It is too early to tell but if this buzz is true, Megan will be the frontrunner for the crown! She is surely a crowd favorite!

Photo Credits: raymondgutierrez.tumblr.com

My only fear is that this buzz will discourage other interested ladies in submitting their application forms! I hope they will still apply because not unless the crown is on Megan’s head, the competition is still wide open! Really crossing my fingers that they will.

I told you in you 5th update that the deadline of submission of application forms was extended to July 15. Now, the organizers of the pageant is moving again the deadline to JULY 21 – the same date of the General Screening in the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. The schedule of Final Screening is on July 23 in Solaire Resort. I am expecting that the list of the official candidate will be presented on the 24th or 25th of the month! With this time frame, I don’t think that the August 4 finale will push through. I am very very nervous!!!


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