Miss Teen USA 2013 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

After the success of Miss USA 2013 which crowned the sensational Erin Brady of Connecticut, Miss Universe Organization is now preparing for Miss Teen USA 2013. It is always a pleasure writing and covering a Miss Teen USA pageant. This is because (1) Miss Universe Organization has the best pageant coverage – pictures and videos are available right away to members of the press and this matters a lot to me because I am not from the States! (Other pageant organizers should learn from MUO) and (2) I am always impressed with the quality of candidates of Miss Teen USA – the pageant serves as a training ground of future Miss USA candidates and I love seeing their evolution.

So, I am very proud to present to you the official candidates of Miss Teen USA 2013. Let me know if you have favorites!

Photo Credits: HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP

Alabama – Lorin Holcombe

Alaska – Kimberly Agron

Arizona – Olivia Argue

Arkansas – Abby Floyd

California – Cassidy Wolf

Colorado – Chloe Brown

Connecticut – Kendall Leary

Delaware – Hailey Lawler

District of Columbia –  Despina Ades

Florida – Brianne Bailey

Georgia – Julia Martin

Hawaii – Samantha Neyland

Idaho – Lorena Haliti

Illinois – Grayson Hodgkiss

Indiana – Darrian Arch

Iowa – Morgan Kofoid

Kansas – Alyssa Klinzing

Kentucky – Gracie Sapp

Louisiana – Bailey Hidalgo

Maine – Delaney Seavey

Maryland – Hannah Brewer

Massachusetts – Madyson Milordi

Michigan – Ruby King

Minnesota – Maggie McGill

Mississippi – Madison Brock

Missouri – Brenda Smith-Lezama

Montana – Maurissa Gunn

Nebraska – Jasmine Fuelberth

Nevada – Amanda Jenkins


New Hampshire – Kelsea Campbell

New Jersey – Christina Thompson

New Mexico – Addi Smith

New York – Nikki Orlando

North Carolina – Kelsey Barberio

North Dakota – Emilee Mahar

Ohio – Brittany Reid

Oklahoma – Graham Turner

Oregon – Summer Pilcher

Pennsylvania – Ebone Jimerson

Rhode Island – Elaine Collado

South Carolina – Tori Sizemore

South Dakota – Alexis Rupp

Tennessee – Emily Suttle

Texas – Daniella Rodriguez

Utah – Chloe Crump

Vermont – Sophia Hadeka

Virginia – Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Washington – Imani Blackmon

West Virginia – Haley Holloway

Wisconsin – Kate Redeker

Wyoming – Autumn Olson

Just from the pictures above, these are the candidates who made a very good first impression: Alaska, California, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia!

Hope you are as excited as I am…


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2 Responses to Miss Teen USA 2013 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

  1. sam says:

    Emilee Mahar- North Dakota her picture has been updated, and by far the most out standing!! Beautiful red hair! Check it out and update this!

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Sam! Thanks a lot for the info. I still need to update the pictures of the candidates 😀 Please continue supporting your favorite delegate and thank you for visiting the blog!

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