Miss World Philippines 2013 (10th Update): Photos from the General Screening

Dear Readers, I am back safe and sound… I had a wonderful weekend! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Diaz family for their hospitality. I will be posting the pictures soon 😀

As I mentioned to you before, Miss World Philippines 2013 had their General Screening yesterday. As I also confirmed before I had my vacation, fan-favorite Megan Young showed up and went through the screening. I also saw former Bb. Pilipinas candidates – Ria Rabajante (BBP 2013) and Patricia Lae Ejercitado (BBP 2012). I have high hopes that these three will be included as official candidates of the pageant. Despite the popularity of Megan, I really think that Patricia and Ria are strong competitors for the crown.

Here are photos from the screening just for you! I would like to thank Sash Factor and Dennis Natividad for letting me share these pictures. I also would like to thank Brix for some inside scoop 🙂 I encourage you to me a member of Sash Factor – an online community of beauty pageant lovers. Visit http://www.sashfactor.info now!

If you happen to know the names of the other candidates who went through the screening, kindly leave their names & candidate numbers in the comment section. Thanks!!!

The Stage…

The Crowd

Queenierich Rehman – Miss World Philippines 2012

Ms. Cory Quirino – Miss World Philippines’ National Director

The Girls who went through the Screening…

I like this lady 🙂 I think she has a big potential…

I think that her body is in good shape. Not blown away with the facial beauty….

The lady reminds me of Denille Velmonte… Not impressed with facial beauty but there is this charm 🙂

This lady is a sight to behold. She is beautiful! She needs to trim down and tone her body! But her sex appeal is crazy… Big potential 😀 Hope to see her as an official candidate!

The lady looks really familiar…. I just can’t remember exactly! That dress is so working AGAINST her!

She reminds me of Lourenz Remetillo… She looks tall and I love her for that! I hope to see her as an official candidate 🙂

Another candidate that looks a bit tall to me! I love her face as well so I am rooting for her to be included in the roster of candidates…

Another fresh-faced beauty here! She has a lot of potential 😀 Love to see her in the finale!

This is Samantha Bernardo from Palawan! I adore this national pageant newbie and I hope to see more from her in the coming years! I saw some photos of her in bikini and girls, her body is beautifully sick! Love love love her!

Patricia Lae Ejercitado

Megan Young is a clear stand-out and is worthy of every hype and attention that she is getting from pageant fans!

Ria Rabajante looks a thousand better than when she was with Binibini. I also prefer this compare to her backstage look!

More Photos…

Samantha and Megan

Ria’s styling here is really bad! The dress made her look a bit older…

Full of class… This is my favorite picture of Megan here 😀

Patricia has this certain confidence and “full-of-wisdom” aura which is probably because of her Binibini experience! I love her…

Patricia & Ria with Ms. Cory

Queenierich with her 1st Princess – Mary Ann Misa

This is a very possible (and acceptable) Top 4!!!

Samantha – Ria – Patricia – Megan

Photo Credits: Missosology


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