Miss World Philippines 2013 (11th Update): Another Screening Extension!

[UPDATED POST] Just a quick question for the Miss World Philippines 2013 organizer… Is it true that the screening was extended until Monday (July 29)? Today was supposedly the Final Screening! Allegedly, only a few of the candidates who applied went through the screening process. The extension will supposedly cater to provincial candidates! I’ll confirm with MWP Organizers later… I’ll keep you posted! Is this the Megan Young effect?!?

The organizers behind Miss World Philippines 2013 confirmed via SMS that there is another screening that will happen this Monday (July 29). This is after they announced before that the screening at Solaire yesterday was the Final Screening. They mentioned that they were still finalizing the details of this screening on the 29th.

My favorite beauty queen blogger – Ms. Joyce Burton – mentioned in her blog post HERE that the final screening next week will still be at Solaire. It seems that the reason behind this is that “several groups from the provinces asked for an extension to give their girls time to travel to Manila”. Check-out Ms. Joyce’s post and see some exclusive photos on the screening yesterday.

In my opinion, the organizers are waiting for more girls to show up. They only had a handful of girls during the July 21st and 23rd screening. If they will really be picky with the candidates, I don’t think they can come-up with 25 candidates like they had last year. This is despite the P1 million prize at stake. If this is true, I can think of two major reasons behind this: (1) The Megan Young effect – I know that the crown is still up for grabs but Megan is getting all the attention and all the hype from beauty pageant fans after her rumored “attempt” to join Bb. Pilipinas 2013. She is beautiful, sexy and is a crowd-favorite. The fact that she is a famous actress is only a bonus! Imagine the fact that she is the ONLY entry of Aces and Queens to the pageant which is highly unusual. Fans are used to seeing a couple of candidates from a certain camp. This is a very bold statement from Jonas Gaffud. (2) Another reason is the timing of the event. Miss World Philippines 2013 started its screening just this month after the success of Bb. Pilipinas Gold and Miss Philippines Earth 2013. That is close to 100 official candidates for both pageants. Then as the pageant was about to take off, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 started its pageant with around 30 applicants. This surely ate up the “supply” of  “qualified” beauty queens in the country.

I really hope that Ms. Cory Quirino and her team, learned a lot from this. I highly suggest moving the pageant to an earlier schedule. January or February next year will be good! The next queen will have enough time to train and prepare for her Beauty with a Purpose entry.  


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