Miss World Philippines 2013 (13th Update): What to expect on the Finale?!?

We are all probably anxious with Miss World Philippines 2013. After the extension of the screening to Monday, my heart skipped a beat as the pageant gets excitingly chaotic. However, my friends over Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info) were really kind enough to share some exclusive videos that will give us a glimpse on what to expect come finale! Some of these ladies might not end up in the list of official candidates but it is still interesting seeing how they glide in an evening gown and carry themselves throughout the Q&A portion.

Evening Gown Competition

Talking about stage presentation and catwalk skills, my vote goes to Samantha Bernardo – such a clean performance, shows how comfortable she is in heels and on stage, look at how she stares at the audience even when she was about to exit. If she can keep her left arm still and that would be perfect, Patricia Lae Ejercitado – we all know that Pat is a catwalk queen so this should not be a surprise! She walked with such confidence giving us this vibe that she is in full control and Jennifer Hammond – I actually thought that she did really well. I am sure that she had difficulty carrying the gown with that wind but it didn’t show. Except for that awkward turn at the end, I think it was a solid performance for her.

Question and Answer Portion

This portion continues to haunt most of beauty pageant candidates. Here are the ladies who I think survived the dreaded part with flying colors: Megan Young – though I think that the question was controversial enough (and thisclose to be inappropriate), she answered the question safely and with much conviction. Ria Rabajante – she gave a very overrated but correct answer, I would have given her high points if I was one of the judges. What turned me off was the fact that she was bouncy and with unnecessary movement while answering giving off a vibe that she was not sincere. The way she crossed her legs were also not helping! Samantha Bernardo – had a rough start. Her “dream-of-my-mother” answer was too pageant patty for me. Good thing that directly answered her question and ended her portion well. That folks is an advantage of a candidate with pageant experience. Omarie Osuna – I always appreciate a candidate who answers from her heart 🙂

Based only from these two videos, I feel good for Samantha! Her strong catwalk skills and a lovely performance in her Q&A is a feat! No wonder that she is getting the attention 😀 Megan Young, for me, still leads over-all but she needs to keep-up by working on her weak catwalk skills. Pia and Ria should watch-out for Samantha!

I am really excited!


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