Miss World 2013 (3rd Update): Contestant Introduction – Part 2

Let me continue with my task to introduce to you the contestants of Miss World 2013. These 5 ladies are headed to Indonesia this September to compete in the pageant. Let go ahead and try to know them more…

Check-out the first 5 candidates that I featured in the first part of this series HERE!  

Video Credits: Official Miss World YouTube Page

Canada – Camille Munro

Camille’s video was short but complete. Within one minute, audience learned more about her life – her love of dancing as a kid, her social justice advocacy and dream of becoming a lawyer. She sounded sincere and accommodating. However, I felt the video was a bit one dimensional and too formal for an introduction. I’m missing movements and pacing!

Austria – Ena Kadic

Ena’s video introduction was a bit messy! She was all over the place… It was clear that it was not scripted – she even repeated some statements. Despite this, I enjoyed the video because of its rawness and it really felt real. English is probably not her mother tongue but she made an effort to speak the language so that more people will understand her – which is the main reason behind the video introduction. Good job!

Talking about speaking in English, the following candidates recorded the video in their native tongue. I don’t have anything against using your own language but how I wish that they added an English subtitle or an English voice-over so that fans will understand what they were saying. If you happen to understand the candidates, will you be kind enough to send a transcript?!?

Equatorial Guinea – Restituta Nguema

Restituta sounded lively and welcoming in her video! I only understood some words but she had this “flavor” and spice that you hear only from Latina delegates.

Kyrgyzstan – Zhibek Nukeeva

Zhibek is beautiful! Her type of beauty is highly favored in Miss World so I am excited to see her in action. Despite the fact that I didn’t understand a word, I still felt sincerity from Zhibek! Probably because of her expressive eyes!

Talking about translations, I am happy to share that this last candidate that I will feature spoke in her native tongue but good thing that they added a translation of what she was saying.

Gabon – Novella Ekoumbi

I’ll add this video to my favorites this year! It’s unforgettable. The video allowed Novella to shine with her energy and at the same time highlight the country of Gabon with lovely pictures. Good job! I love her already!

There you go and please watch-out for more contestant introduction as we count the days to the start of Miss World 2013!


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