Miss World Philippines 2013 (14th Update): The Final Screening…

Miss World Philippines 2013 had its final screening of potential candidates yesterday! Finally, after series of screening extensions, the organizers will reveal the list of official candidates tomorrow (July 31) right in time for the Press presentation! Check-out my take on the extension of the final screening HERE!

It was a good call for the organizers to extend the screening because I saw some “qualified” and pageant-worthy ladies who attended the final screening! Such a perfect timing for the extension since Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 also just concluded last weekend. Fresh from their Mutya adventure, some delegates strutted their way to Solaire to try their luck in Miss World Philippines 2013. Here are the ladies who screened at Solaire in yesterday’s final screening:

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Friends, this is Bianca Saldua! She used to be a court-side reporter for NCAA! I actually adore her face! So fresh…

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

This lady might be a familiar face for beauty pageant fans! She is Nicole Marable! She is an alumna of Bb. Pilipinas 2012. She clearly lost and is a bit glamorous and  “mature”! I am excited to see her!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

 Another familiar face for all of us, Bianca Paz graced the Miss World Philippines stage before and became a runner-up! She also had a “colorful” stint with Binibining Pilipinas! She looks thinner compare to her previous Miss World Philippines stint. Her presence makes this edition much more interesting!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

 Vina Openiano is her name dear readers. Let us not be fooled by the sweet demeanor because this lady landed in the Top 10 of Mutya ng Pilipinas!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

This promising lady is Paula Estenso. I read from Ms. Joyce Burton‘s blog that she is the tallest candidate this year! You all know that I am a big sucker for tall ladies… I have high hopes Paula! As high as your 6’0’ height 😀

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

This is Angelica Lopez friends!!! She is showing a lot of potential as I am reminded of the beauty of April Love Jordan! I hope that she will make it as a candidate and learn from this wonderful experience!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

One of the most talked about candidate who went through the final screening is Janicel Lubina. She is a gorgeous Filipina and will surely be a key player in the pageant if she will make it as an official candidate! She has 2 minor crowns on her head – surely a great achievement for a 19 year old lady! I am watching…

Photo Credits: Missosology

Adding colorful glitters to a splendid pageant are two alumna of Bb. Pilipinas 2013: Zandra Flores & Mercegrace Raquel (1st & 2nd Ladies from Right)! These two were my favorites during Binbining Pilipinas so their presence in the Miss World Philippines stage makes me blush!

Mercegrace – Bianca – Janicel
Photo Credits: Sash Factor

I must say that the extension of the screening was a great success! I can name at least 10 candidates who are worthy and are prepared for the title! I am actually curious to know your thoughts!


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