Miss World Philippines 2013 (21st Update): The Head Shots

It is here! I am very excited to share with you the head shots of the Miss World Philippines 2013 candidates. For those unfamiliar, a head shot is a kind of portrait photo that captures the natural beauty and personality of the person. Be my guest and scrutinize each photo! Let us all determine who showed sheer beauty and great personality in her photo! Who do you think is worthy of the title this 18th?

A billion thanks to the beautiful people behind Missosology for the photos. Click HERE for their website!

VOTE for your favorite Miss World Philippines 2013 candidate HERE!

(1) Nicole Marable

(2) Roselle Marie Ferrer

(3) Princesslyn Dignadice

(4) Khadija Nasser

(5) Bianca Saldua

(6) Karla Patricia Alas

(7) Samantha Bernardo

(8) Frances Claire Vintola

(9) Pia Ochengco

(10) Janicel Lubina

(11) Mercegrace Raquel

(12) Angelica Lopez

(13) Paula Estenzo

(14) Vina Openiano

(15) Maria Lily Teresa Salazar

(16) Aikah Dindah

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(18) Omarie Osuna

(19) Bianca Paz

(20) Megan Young

(21) Jennyline Carla Malpaya

(22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

(23) Ria Rabajante

(24) Zandra Flores

(25) Melanie Barrett

(26) KC Cajandig

I am really impressed…

Please watch out for my list of favorite head shots over the weekend…


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