Miss Teen USA 2013 (3rd Update): The Welcome Dinner

I am a bit disappointed with the coverage of Miss Teen USA 2013. Updates were a bit slow this year and most photos arrived just few days ago! That doesn’t stop me though for featuring them here because I just adore the pageant. I will feature today photos from the Welcome Dinner to celebrate the start of the 2013 competition. The pageant which will happen tomorrow. Here are some photos for you!

Photo Credits: HO/ Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Group Shot

Nevada (Amanda Jenkins) & Virginia (Caelynn Miller-Keyes)

Montana (Maurissa Gunn) & Idaho (Lorena Haliti)

Colorado (Chloe Brown)

North Dakota (Emilee Mahar), Pennsylvania (Ebone Jimerson) &
Missouri (Brenda Smith-Lezama)

Rhode Island (Elaine Collado) & West Virginia (Haley Holloway)

Iowa (Morgan Kofoid)

New Jersey (Christina Thompson)

New York (Nikki Orlando), Maryland (Hannah Brewer) &
Utah (Chloe Crump)

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont (Sophia Hadeka) &
Indiana (Darrian Arch)

Virginia & Oregon (Summer Pilcher)

District of Columbia (Despina Ades), Mississippi (Madison Brock) & Idaho

California (Cassidy Wolf)

Montana & Nevada

I am slowly picking-out my favorites…

In these photos, my votes will go to Nevada, California, Maryland, Iowa, West Virginia and Colorado!

How about you?


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