Miss World Philippines 2013 (22nd Update): Megan wins Miss World Laguna Title

No, don’t be confused… Megan Young is still in the Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant and Miss World Laguna 2013 is just a segment of the pageant. Think of it as a mini-pageant within the pageant!

Laguna is a province south of Metro Manila. It is one of the sponsors of Miss World Philippines pageant. Candidates visit the province and a series of activities are lined-up for them. One of which is a mini-pageant dubbed as Miss World Laguna. This activity started last year and it was Vanessa Amman who won the Miss World Laguna 2012 title and Queenierich Rehman was a runner-up. Of course, we all know that Vanessa ended up as last year’s 2nd runner-up to Queenierich who ended up with the Miss World Philippines 2012 title.

This year, candidates went to Laguna for a tour of the province’s tourist destinations. The Miss World Laguna 2013 was also staged with a cocktail & swimsuit competition and a Q&A. Below is the official list of winners:


Photo Credits: Megan Young for Miss World Philippines FB Fan Page

Winner: (20) Megan Young

1st Runner-up: (14) Vina Openiano

Top 5

(10) Janicel Lubina

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(19) Bianca Paz

Top 10

(24) Zandra Flores

(18) Omarie Osuna

(16) Aikah Dindah

(8) Frances Claire Vintola

(13) Paula Estenzo

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This is certainly a good news for Megan and Vina because if the trend last year will be repeated, both of them might just be seeing each other in the Top 5 of the finale! Megan is, for me, the one to beat this year and this award is a big testament on her capabilities! Vina is also one of the stronger delegates this year. I read somewhere comments saying that Vina placed this high because she is from Laguna. I find these comments insulting and baseless. Vina proved her worth after placing as a semifinalist in a very competitive Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 pageant. She is also one of the tallest candidate this year which is an added factor. I don’t think she won just because she is from Laguna. Mercegrace Raquel is also a native of Laguna but failed to be in the Top 10! Vina is a very strong candidate and has the capability to penetrate even the Top 5 on the finale! So much with the negativity, sharing to you some photos of the event! Thanks to Sash Factor for the photos….

Photo Credits: Sash Factor


Congratulations ladies…


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