My Top 10 Favorite Head Shots – Miss World Philippines 2013

I shared with you the head shots of the candidates of Miss World Philippines 2013 HERE! Now, i am very happy to share with you my 10 favorite shots. I was specifically looking for the personality and emotion. I was also on the look-out for the ladies who know her best angle and capitalized on it. Thank you to Missosology for the photos…

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10th Place: (10) Janicel Lubina

With her natural Filipina glow, Janicel could have placed a bit higher on this list if not for that very awkward smile. I can feel tension and nervousness all over this picture. I can’t deny though that she is one of those with beautiful faces in the competition and this photo proves it all.

9th Place: (22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

Looking through the photos, I can’t help but be disappointed with Pat’s head shot! I know that she can deliver more. The big smile and the expressive eyes speak about the potential. It is not her best angle I believe, thus the placement!

8th Place: (14) Vina Openiano

Her eyes tells me a million stories! The glow of her skin and the timid smile claims her Filipina heritage. The simplicity of the photo speaks strength! Good job 🙂

7th Place: (1) Nicole Marable

Hello there Ms. Glamorous! I love Nicole’s photo… I appreciate the big smile and being all dolled-up! She came prepared and the end product is something that she should be proud of.

6th Place: (23) Ria Rabajante

I’ve been seeing a new Ria – one that is totally different from her aura during her Binibini stint! Despite the teeth stain, I am still head -over-heels for this picture because of the photo’s simplicity. The tendency of the candidates is to go overboard to impress forgetting that it is with simple poses that the true beauty comes out.

5th Place: (17) Jennifer Hammond

I’ll be honest in saying that this photo converted me into a believer! The mystery in her eyes draw me to her photo! I also loved the make-up and how her coral lips complemented the gold accessories. I am in love…

4th Place: (6) Karla Patricia Alas

I am really impressed with Karla! The moment I saw this photo, I already told myself that it belongs to this list… It is a very strong photo that showed how beautiful she is and gave her the needed spotlight and shine!

3rd: (24) Zandra Flores

This photo might just qualify Zandra a CoverGirl commercial! She is beautiful, sweet and there is a hint of mystery somewhere!

2nd Place: (19) Bianca Paz

Fresh-faced, Bianca looks young and fabulous in this photo! (I am not even bothered by her nose, unlike in some candids…) I also love the fact that she looks very happy and contented…

1st Place: (20) Megan Young

Nothing brings-out confidence best other than the awareness that you will always be gorgeous whichever angle you’ll be snapped in! Megan is simply beautiful and this photo is a big testament to that fact!

What do you think?


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