Miss World Philippines 2013 (24th Update): Did Nicole Marable Withdraw from the Competition?!?

I just can’t sleep without telling you about this issue….

[UPDATE]: I sent a message via Facebook to Nicole and sent an SMS to Miss World Philippines organizers but both did not reply back. However, a news report of GMA confirmed that there are only 25 candidates only. I am assuming that Nicole did withdraw from the competition!

All things (Twitter, FB, Beauty Pageant Blogs and Forum) are pointing into one direction – that Nicole Marable (Candidate #1) of Miss World Philippines 2013 withdrew from the competition. I’ll be sharing what I have read and heard over the past few days with you and you may leave comments below for your thoughts.

* A Twitter user with the name @NicoleMarable answered another user earlier saying that

I had to withdraw due to atypical pneumonia.

There has been no mention on what activity or pageant is involved in the said tweet.

* An Instagram user named nicmarable also posted the photo below (which appeared in the same Twitter account mentioned above and was published after the tweet above) with a caption –

Hindi ba pwedeng chubby lang? Wag po malisiyoso 🙂 #beforeandafter #fitness


Photo Credits: nicmarable’s Instagram Account

* Days ago, there was published a post asking for clarification on some “pregnancy issues” thrown against Nicole Marable. The same Twitter user (@NicoleMarable) tweeted these to the author saying –

I’ve read your blog about me. I’d just like to clarify that this has no truth. And it is clearly impossible this could ever happen.


Thank you, sir. I hope you’d be compassionate enough to bring down the issue. God bless you.

The author was very kind enough to heed the request and took down the post 🙂

* As I finish this article, Nicole Marable is still in the list of official candidate in the website of Miss World Philippines. There is no updates as well in the official FB fan page of the pageant. I was able to see some photos from the Gala Night event of the pageant that happened earlier and I haven’t seen her there.

What to do?

I will need to confirm two things tomorrow: (1) I need to get an official statement from Miss World Philippines Organization tomorrow. They are the best people to ask on Nicole’s official standing in the organization. (2) I need to get Nicole Marable’s official statement regarding her withdrawal and the “timing” of the events.

I am not buying the idea that Nicole Marable got pregnant because: (1) it is extra challenging shedding the extra pounds caused by the pregnancy [especially if the alleged pregnancy happened just few weeks/months before the pageant] (2) if in case she did give birth to a child, it will be extra hard to be involved in something big because rearing a child especially in the first few months of the baby is usually difficult and (3) at this age of social networking, it is very difficult to hide something as big as giving birth and it is way more difficult if it involves Filipina beauty queens. Filipinos are fascinated with the lives of these queens that fans tend to monitor their lives.

However, I will also be honest in saying that her announcement earlier made me a bit nervous. The “timing” made me so uncomfortable. My take is that a candidate’s withdrawal in a pageant might already grab some headlines but a withdrawal in a pageant just right after some “issues” were thrown at her, makes it more complicated.

I am already composing my email to Nicole and will prepare my questions to MWP organizers. I will keep you updated dear readers! Hope they will reply!

I would love to hear from you guys!!!


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2 Responses to Miss World Philippines 2013 (24th Update): Did Nicole Marable Withdraw from the Competition?!?

  1. christian says:

    I have concrete evidence of her pregnancy and I can give you more insights about her.

  2. Yanni says:

    Christian please share more insights

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