Miss World Philippines 2013 (25th Update): They are also Talented!

I am currently working on my fave list and in order to finalize my list, I had to go through some pageant activities – those that matters to the Miss World organization. One of the fast-track events in Miss World is the Talent Competition. In fact, the reigning queen – Wenxia Yu – won the Best in Talent award last year. It seems to me that Miss World is looking for a well-rounded lady to represent the organization. They usually prefer someone who is beautiful, with a healthy body, talented, smart and someone with class.

Miss World Philippines 2013 patterned the format of Miss World and planned for some activities same as its mother pageant. One of which was a Talent competition that happened last week. I had to wait for a week for an updated video but unfortunately, I only found three. Nevertheless, I am glad to share these videos to you. And yes, you will see Megan Young singing her heart out with a Bossa piece.

(5) Bianca Saldua

Video Credits: PTV PH of YouTube

This is just a news clip from PTV about the Talent competition although the focus was mainly on Bianca who is apparently a talent of the program. Bianca presented a very interesting talent performance. She had a wonderful voice and was very comfortable on stage. I think that with the kind of performance, she probably got higher scores. It was just ironic that the news anchor to present the news clip was no other than Miss Philippines Earth’s Cathy Untalan.

(17) Jennifer Hammond

Video Credits: Missosology Coverage of YouTube

Hmmm… I got bored with the presentation. There was nothing special about me. Jennifer was too busy putting down and picking up props that she had limited time dancing which was the main point of her talent. Her intention to highlight tourism in the country is appreciated!

(20) Megan Young

Video Credits: Missosology Coverage of YouTube

Megan’s voice is really not the best voice you’ll hear but it is her confidence that’s selling the performance. She knows how to communicate with the audience and I can’t feel a bit of nervousness in her performance. Her experience as a host is really helping her in this bid.

Too bad that some of the performances were not in YouTube. I heard that the talent performances of Janicel Lubina (belly dancing), Melanie Barrett and Samantha Bernardo (Pandanggo sa Ilaw) were impressive. Kindly share if you have a link to their videos 😀

I will not dare put my money on someone specially that I wasn’t able to see the other performances so I can’t compare 🙂

VOTE for your favorite Miss World Philippines 2013 candidate HERE!


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