Fitness Talk with Ara Arida

I stumbled upon this video online which features Ara Arida being interviewed by ABS-CBN‘s very own Dyan Castillejo. Dyan covers sports news for the network and was able to cover several Miss Universe pageants in the past also for ABS-CBN. In this video, Ara talked about her preparations for her Miss Universe 2013 stint – her diet and exercise routine. Check-out the video below:

Video Credits: YouTube page of Dyan Castillejo

Ara is definitely getting better and better each time I see her either on print or in videos. She is slowly getting that “queenly” aura needed in a Miss Universe pageant. Her styling is very simple yet it is clean and appropriate for a beauty queen.

I can’t sing the same praises for her interview performance though. Her pronunciation and choice of words did improve comparing it to her Bb. Pilipinas 2013 days but I still see nervousness in her eyes when being interviewed. She doesn’t engage in eye-to-eye contact with her interviewer longer than what is needed.  I know that she can handle herself in interviews so Ara just need to trust herself! I am a recruiter by profession and the best way to show confidence is by looking at the other person straight into his/her eyes and deliver the things that you want to say!

Why is this important?!? Easy… This is because (1) Miss Universe candidates will be very busy accommodating interviews from different members of the press. Inability to impress the press will probably result into less-desirable write-ups or feedback and (2) confidence is what the judges are looking for during the Final Question part. Sometimes, questions being asked by judges don’t have right or wrong answers. Instead, judges are looking for the manner of delivery and the confidence and conviction of the delegate while answering the question.

To Ara, you still have time! So work, work, work and more work 😀 I am sure that everything will just fall into pieces!


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