Kattera’s Fave List – Miss World Philippines 2013

This is it… Our Miss World Philippines 2013 queen will be crowned tonight! After the screening that lasted forever and the initial “fear” for the quality of the pageant’s candidates, Miss World Philippines 2013 proved (once again) its stature as one of the country’s elite national pageant with enough activities to interest the fans and a handful of stunning ladies to compete for the crown! Without much delay, I am happy to share with you the list of my favorites for the title! I wish all 25 candidates the best in tonight’s show…

Thank you to Sash Factor, Missosology & Rappler for the photos used below!


Here are the ladies who I feel can easily penetrate the semifinalist row if lady luck is on their side tonight. Basing on my previous experience, girls on this list end up being called in the finale!


(13) Paula Estenzo

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(16) Aikah Dindah

Top 12


12th Place: (23) Ria Rabajante

I feel sad that I am putting Ria on this position! I would love to be proven wrong tonight. Ria is such a nice lady and I love her to death. However, I feel that she was overshadowed (big time) by her peers. Coming from the same camp with Patricia Ejercitado, Ria needed double her efforts to be noticed. I am crossing my fingers that Miss World Philippines Organizers noticed it too 🙂

11th Place: (14) Vina Openiano

Vina has something that attracts me to her and it’s probably her height + Filipina feature combo! In a group full of stunning women, you can’t just ignore her beauty. I still believe that her 1st Runner-up finish during the Miss World Laguna competition was because of her own merits and I expect her to duplicate the same feat tonight! Remember, she ended up victorious during Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 despite the presence of the so-called heavyweights so placing as a semifinalist tonight will not be very difficult!

10th Place: (7) Samantha Bernardo

This is Samantha’s first foray into the national beauty pageant scene! She made a very good first impression as she held her ground during the 1st screening, standing neck-on-neck with “experienced” queens like Patricia E. and Ria R. She is a very competitive lady and I feel that she has a lot to offer. She might not be the most competitive lady “facially”, but the way her handler packaged her is impressive! She is still young and needs to master every skills there is to learn for a beauty queen aspirant! I want her to join Binibini in a year or two!

9th Place: (24) Zandra Flores

I believe that Zandra is at her peak today! She learned a lot from her Binibini stint this year and used it to her advantage when she joined Mutya ng Pilipinas. She proved that she can learn from her experience after landing as a semifinalist in the pageant. And as she face the Miss World Philippines challenge, Zandra will use her Mutya experience as launching pad onto the title. I wish her the best of luck!


8th Place: (6) Karla Patricia Alas

Fresh from her Miss Philippines Earth stint, Karla bloomed into a seasoned beauty queen the moment she stepped in the Miss World Philippines stage. I love the air of confidence every time she glides on that stage! I also noticed the improvement on her make-up that helped her highlight her best feature – her smile! I love the way she smiles. It is mysterious but it draws me to her!

7th Place: (18) Omarie Osuna

I consider her as the bombshell this year! Her face and body screams sexxxxxy! Being assigned into #18, Omarie is just right on the heels of the heavy favorites – Bianca and Megan! The fact that she is not washed-out by these two and people still notices her are proofs that she is one of the strongest delegate this year!

6th Place: (9) Pia Ochengco

Pia will surely charm her way to the semifinalist group tonight! She is the most charming candidate this year with a very face that we Filipinos call “maamo“. She is an every inch a candidate that fits the Miss World mold – sophisticated and a face that is pleasing to the eyes! Add to that a strong catwalk skills, Pia will surely stand-out tonight!

Top 5

4th Runner-up: (22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado


Oh dear Patricia! Her road to the crown is not easy considering that there are 4 formidable ladies who are just as focused on the same goal! However, I personally know Patricia as a lady who never disappoint and someone who never turns her back on the end goal. Her authentic Filipina flare, her top of the class catwalk and her down-to-earth personality will help her navigate the road to the crown! I’ll be the happiest fan if she’ll end up higher than this placement…

3rd Runner-up: (5) Bianca Saldua


Bianca Saldua doesn’t fit the bill of an “ideal beauty queen”. Her body is not the best in the group and her beauty has the tendency to be overshadowed by the favorites. However, Miss World Organization has the tendency to select sophisticated candidates with a very wholesome background (read Kaiane Aldorino). If Miss World Philippines follow this formula then Bianca will be seen entering the group of the elite 5. She is a court side reporter who pursued a career in journalism. She is confident and can work the stage to her advantage. Her Muslim lineage also adds to her points knowing that a Muslim-dominated country (Indonesia) is hosting the Miss World pageant this year.

2nd Runner-up: (19) Bianca Paz


Another Bianca here! Bianca has the face, the body and the experience to re-enter Top 5. I am sure that her decision to join the pageant again was made after a gazillion of reflection and analysis. However, I am seeing an uphill battle for her before reaching the crown. Megan, and even Janicel, proved in several instances during the pageant that they can outshine an experienced beauty queen like Bianca. If I have my way, I’ll award her the same title she received two years ago.

1st Runner-up: (10) Janicel Lubina


Janicel has this ideal Filipina beauty that will surely be hit in an international pageant stage. It would be the biggest injustice if she will end up clapping for some of her peers! However, I think Janicel is still too young for an international pageant. I can see the need to polish things to ensure a good placement abroad. Her communication skills need a bit of a push and she should develop her personality for her to shine through in a bevy of beauties. I would love to see her in Binibining Pilipinas – 2015 would be good – and be our representative in Miss Universe. The pageant and the timing is not just right!

Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young


Megan is the best delegate in Miss World Philippines! She has the class, the sophistication, and the personality that is sought after by the Miss World Organization. Miss World 2013 is just weeks away and Megan is the only candidate that is ready enough to board a plane today and be in Indonesia to compete! My money is on Jonas Gaffud and his confidence in sending a lone representative of his ward! Celebrity or not, Megan has everything to win this competition!

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  1. apple.e.e-s. says:

    You have an impressive list 🙂

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