Miss World Philippines 2013 (28th Update): The Answers to the Final Question

Final Question is the last (but the most challenging) hurdle that a candidate needs to conquer before reaching the crown! Here are the answers of the Top 5 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2013 in Final Question earlier. Miss World 2013 – Wenxia Yu – had the opportunity to ask the candidate the final question. Determine if their answer justified the placement they got.

Final Question: Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?

4th Princess: (18) Omarie Osuna

I am ready. I have what it takes: beautiful face and body, strong heart willing to serve others. I can bring home the Miss World crown.

3rd Princess: (19) Bianca Paz

I’ve been through many challenges. I can’t think of a better venue to inspire people other than Miss World.

2nd Princess: (5) Bianca Saldua

When I was 10 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be part of the United Nations. I wanted to be an Ambassadress of Goodwill. Whether I win or not, I want to continue with my charitable work, and I hope you give me that chance.

1st Princess: (10) Janicel Lubina

Because I would like to unite physical beauty and a message of hope, perseverance to the world, knowing people can relate to my humble beginnings, that poverty is not a hindrance, that’s the essence of Miss World. Beauty with a purpose, beauty with giving.

Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young

Miss World Philippines is selfless and to be selfless, you need to have a heart. If I win Miss World Philippines, I would give myself wholeheartedly to be of service. Beauty with a heart.

Looking at the transcript, Megan’s answer was not the best answer to the question BUT it was her sincerity and confidence that made her answer a stand-out! What do you think?


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One Response to Miss World Philippines 2013 (28th Update): The Answers to the Final Question

  1. nilo nazareth says:

    janicel lubina is destined for something greater—-the miss universe crown.

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