Miss World Philippines 2013 (27th Update): The Official Results

 Here is the official results of Miss World Philippines 2013:


Miss World Philippines 2013: (20) Megan Young

1st Princess: (10) Janicel Lubina

2nd Princess: (5) Bianca Saldua

3rd Princess: (19) Bianca Paz

4th Princess: (18) Omarie Osuna

Top 13

(6) Karla Patricia Alas

(7) Samantha Bernardo

(11) Mercegrace Raquel

(12) Angelica Lopez

(13) Paula Estenzo

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

(24) Zandra Flores

I am in an indescribable state as of the moment! My heart is filled with pure joy! If you are an avid reader, you are probably aware that Megan and Janicel were my top two bets for the pageant. Both landed right on the spot that I wanted them to be! The last time I felt this was in 2010 when Venus Raj and Krista Kleiner bagged the titles that I wanted them to win! This is just incredible! My agony of watching GMA‘s telecast of Miss World Philippines 2013 seemed all worth-it after learning the list of winners.

To Megan, enjoy the feelings but don’t let your guards down! The fight isn’t over yet! Miss World 2013, Megan is coming!


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