Miss Supranational 2013 (3rd Update): The Candidates have Arrived!

My apologies for the late post due to my coverage of MWP 2013. However, Supranational-related topics will take off from here 😀

The candidates of Miss Supranational 2013 are starting to arrive in the beautiful country of Belarus. I have some pictures here for the arrival of some of the delegates. Let us check on who made a very good first impression.

A million thanks to Missosology (www.missosology.info) for the photos!

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Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen)

She looks a bit thin for me and it is a big no-no in beauty pageants. I am hoping that this is just because of the camera angle.

Russia (Yana Dubnik)

This is so not good of Yana! Being seen in public without make-up is so “un-beauty queen” of her! I love her features though. I bet she is gorge when she is all glammed-up.

Suriname (Jaleeza Weinbolt)

Netherlands (Leila Aigbedion)

I love her shoes…

Philippines (Mutya Datul)

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

 I adore Mutya and I have high hopes for her! Except that beautiful face, everything in this picture looks wrong.

Puerto Rico (Desiree Del Rio)

One of my favorites for the title! Desiree – as seen her – is poised enough to win the first Supranational crown for her country.

New Zealand (Chane Berghorst)

Myanmar (Khin Wint Wah)

I’ve seen some of her more recent pics and she is just a ball of cuteness. Her picture above screams plain though… Let’s not be fooled!

Indonesia (Cok Krisnanda)

We have here a fresh-faced beauty 🙂

Honduras (Andrea Lopez)

Mexico (Jacqueline Morales)

Another stunner this year, Jacqueline is expected to dominate the competition. She started with a wrong foot though with that ridiculous outfit (and i am not referring to the hat.)

El Salvador (Metzi Solano)

Brazil (Raquel Benetti)

One of my personal favorites this year!

Cote d’Ivoire (Reine Aka)

I am seeing a slight semblance with Micaela Reis. I love her already…

Costa Rica (Elena Correa)

Australia (Esma Voloder)

Another personal favorite 😀

China (Liu Qiang)

So wrong…

Brazil and Colombia (Isabel Asprilla)

Colombia has a body to die for but I still prefer Brazil.

Myanmar & Norway (Marie Molo Peter)

Myanmar looks a thousand times better than her photo above. Norway is an angel!

From L-R: Scotland (Gemma Palmer), Thailand, Wales (Fallon Robinson), Northern Ireland (Chloe Marsden) and Ecuador (Giuliana Villavicencio)

From L-R: Suriname, Netherlands, Canada (Suzette Hernandez),
Curacao (Xiohenne Renita) and El Salvador

That’s it for now… I’ll post more pictures later…

What do you think?


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