An Open Letter to Janicel Lubina


Dearest Janicel Lubina,

Greetings from Cebu City!

I am sure that you don’t know me or my blog but I decided write this letter for you because I wanted to let you know about some things. First, I would like to personally extend my greetings to you for an impressive 1st runner-up performance in Miss World Philippines 2013. Winning two major awards that night – Best in Swimsuit and Miss Photogenic – were enough proof on how good you were on that stage. You earned another fan through me and I will surely be supporting you just in case you decide to join another pageant! Please do because the Philippine pageantry always has a room for a beauty like you! I am also writing to give you some unsolicited advice. I am sure that your handlers already have some plans laid out for you but I will just be giving you what I think would be desirable as your “next move”.

I advice that you take the remainder of 2013 and the rest of 2014 to 2015 away from beauty pageants. You are still very young – probably 18 or 19 years old – and I am sure that there is a very bright future ahead of you. Your 2014 and/or 2015 should be spent improving on your areas for improvement (AFI) and letting yourself gain the wisdom and maturity of a beauty queen who is ready to step into an international beauty pageant’s stage.

I observed during the Miss World Philippines 2013 competition that you still need to work on your Question & Answer performance. It was probably because you were nervous and yes, it is understandable. However, judges will not take nervousness into consideration when giving you points so you have to make sure that you get past that. I also would like to tell you that your answer during Q&A sounded too rehearsed. Please try to avoid it next time because judges will always appreciate answers from the heart. I can suggest to you some ways to improve your skills in Q&A but it will lengthen this letter (probably I will send you another one). As a start, you can watch this video and I am sure that you will be learning a lot from this:

Video Credits: TheABSCBNNews of YouTube

I also suggest for you to gain more experiences in the next year or two – find a job, travel, be a volunteer, go back to school, take a short course, learn a new language, start a hobby, fall in love etc. – anything that will give you new experiences. Take each experience as a way to enrich yourself, gain a bit of wisdom and be the mature lady that is mentally and emotionally prepared to take on the responsibilities as an international role model. You can also take the time to improve on your catwalk skills and work on improving your body. You have a 21-inch to-die-for waistline, it would be perfect if you can pair it with a very toned arms and legs and a defined abs that will let you shine during swimsuit round. I am not saying that you will be away from the limelight. I am just suggesting for you not to join another beauty pageant. While you are on a quick hiatus, strengthen your social media status. Assign and maintain an official Facebook account where you can post latest pictures and videos and a way to connect with your fans. You can participate in photo shoots (make sure that there is no topless or overly-sexy swimsuit shoot)  and post the photos on your FB page. While doing this, start experimenting on hairstyle and make-up as well as the outfit that suits your body type.

Let me end my letter by saying that I wish to see you joining the 2015 or 2016 edition of Binibining Pilipinas. I am hoping that you will be given a chance to represent the country in Miss Universe. I know that you can handle the responsibilities well!

Thank you very much and my apologies if this is longer than a usual letter.



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