What is Supranational?

Official Logo of Miss Supranational

Before I go and proceed with my coverage of Miss Supranational 2013, I feel that there is a need for us to try and learn more about the pageant. I will try to make it as comprehensive as possible but it seems that I am only getting very limited information online. Repeated inquiry to the organization’s email address and a message through their official fan page went through unanswered.

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A friend of mine thought that the name Supranational is hilarious! She thinks that the organizers behind it made this up for the lack of term to use to signify being global. Obviously, there are already pageants which claimed these words – Universe, World, Earth, International, Globe, etc.

The word Supra takes its roots from the Latin word Suprã which means on top of or above. Today, it is usually used in legal texts to refer to something or someone mentioned above or earlier.  It is stated in the website of the organization (www.misssupranational.com) that the pageant’s passion is to tear down borders, to draw attention to the countries on becoming tourist destinations and to expand the horizons of youth by showing them the beauty of a globalized world.  The pageant is organized by World Beauty Association (WBA) S.A. of Panama and is headed by Marcela Yandar.

Miss Supranational is now on its 5th year. Previous queens include:

Photo Credits: Miss Supranational

Oksana Moria of Ukraine (2009)

Karina Pinilla of Panama (2010)

Monika Lewczuk of Poland (2011)

Ekaterina Buraya of Belarus (2012)

I am impressed with the quality of winners especially the 2010 and 2011 winners. I can see that the organization has a penchant for blond women and Europe dominated the past pageants. Will another blonde from Europe take the crown this year?

For a 5-year old pageant, one of the main concern as of the moment is “survival”. In order for the pageant to survive, they need to be “accepted”. For them to be accepted by the general public, they should have (1) a good number of delegates with an impressive quality (2) with winners that are credible enough and (3) ability to stage a pageant with great production value. It is still too early to tell on the success of Miss Supranational but my guess is that crowning another blond bombshell from Eastern Europe will put the pageant on a certain “box” and might just affect the pageant’s popularity.


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