(#AskMegan) Rappler Interviews Megan Young

Rappler  is a Filipino social news network. I have always been a fan of the network especially with its coverage of several Philippine beauty pageants. They regularly invite beauty pageant insiders to write articles for them. I hope to see their continuous support of the Filipino beauty pageants.

The network was very kind enough to guest the newly-crowned Miss World Philippines 2013 – Megan Young – in a sit-down interview hosted by G. Töngi. The video lasts for about 25 minutes but I promise you that it will be worth your time. Here is the full video:

Video Credits: Rappler of YouTube

I never doubted Megan’s capacity to ace an interview whether it is a sit-down interview like what you have seen above or a pageant’s Question & Answer portion. Megan seemed at ease and confident all throughout the interview. This is because of her experience as a TV Host. I am sure that she will be a very good spokeswoman for Miss World Organization if in case she will be crowned as Miss World 2013. The camera loves her face and the sophistication and class just comes out naturally from her!

Megan mentioned several interesting things during the interview – thanks to G for bravely asking the right questions: (1) That she didn’t submit an application to Binibining Pilipinas. I think that Binibini was an option for Megan (who doesn’t want to join Miss Universe?) but basing on the history of Binibini on candidates with “racy” photos, I am sure that the direction was not to go ahead and just focus on MWP. (2) That she is reading online posts. I am sure that she has visited some blogs and pageant forum and was able to read its contents so us fans should just continue expressing our support for her. and (3) 2 weeks is not enough to prepare for an international competition. This should be a message to the organizers (Ms. Cory Quirino). Good thing that Megan is a very prepared delegate but this should be a lesson to the organizers to move the pageant to an earlier date to give the queen an ample time to prepare.

To Megan, Thank you for taking the challenging role of representing Philippines in Miss World 2013. Every Filipino will surely be behind you every step of the way! Enjoy the pageant and show to them the real charm of a Filipina queen. Mabuhay ka!


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