Miss Supranational 2013 Poll (August 23 Update)

Miss Supranational 2013 is heating up in Belarus. As we await for updates from the pageant, let me give you a quick update on our poll. Same with the competition, votes are coming in so make sure that your vote for your favorite candidate will be counted. Our poll is FREE and is UNLIMITED so make sure that you go ahead and VOTE!

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss Supranational 2013 candidate!

Philippines (Mutya Datul) – 66.67%

Photo Credits: Miss Supranational

Latvia (Diana Kubasova) – 16.67%

Martinique (Cindy Joli) – 5.56%

Puerto Rico (Desiree del Rio) – 5.56%

Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen) – 5.56%

Keep your votes coming…


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