Miss Supranational 2013 (6th Update): Random Pics – Part 1

There is beauty in randomness! Thus, I will be sharing with you random pictures of Miss Supranational 2013 candidates. These photos are usually uploaded by the delegates themselves. The purpose is to give you a different angle, probably different from the angle covered by Miss Supranational Organization in their official coverage.

I would like to thank Missosology (www.missosology.info) for these photos!

Credits to the owners and to Missosology….

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Russia (Yana Dubnik) and Poland (Angelika Ogryzek)

Two of my favorites in this pageant! They are for me the flag bearers of Europe. If in case the organization decides to crown another European delegate, it will be between these two.

Togo (Armande Akumah)

This is WRONG! A perfect example on what NOT to do with your make-up! Aspiring beauty queens, learn…

Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen)

I like her even though she doesn’t know how to smile… She is just too skinny! Not good, really not good!

Thailand and Togo

Venezuela (Annie Fuenmayor), Mexico (Jacqueline Morales)
and El Salvador (Metzi Solano)

Venezuela and Mexico shine in this photo, but they are just behind the frontrunners in the competition! A bit disappointed I must say!

Philippines (Mutya Datul) and Latvia (Diana Kubasova)

Mutya is my sentimental favorite in this competition and it seems that Latvia is a favorite in Belarus.

Ukraine (Kateryna Sandulova) and Brazil (Raquel Benetti)

Gorgeous ladies here! Despite accusations of looking old, Brazil remains one of my favorites. Ukraine is beautiful but I am not into those “crazy eyes”.

Spain (Eva Rogel), Venezuela, Brazil,
Colombia (Isabel Asprilla) and Mexico

Brazil and Spain for me! Kudos to Colombia for rockin’ that cropped top 😀 Love her abs!

Spain, Sri Lanka (Gayesha Perera) and India (Vijaya Sharma)

Not the best angle for Spain while Sri Lanka is too round for a competition… India is surprising me! Better than her pre-arrival photos. Good job!

South Africa (Natasha Pretorius), England (Rachel Christie)
and Brazil

Brazil really knows how to stand-out…


Gorgeous Polish lady…

Russia and Belarus (Veronika Chachina)

Russia over Belarus!


One of the frontrunners this year! She even lorded over my Leader Board 😀

Myanmar (Khin Wint Wah) and Philippines

Myanmar looks like a candidate of Miss Teen competition… Mutya is a delight to watch! She reminds of Honey Lee! Simply beautiful…

Iraq (Klaudia Khalaf)

I always appreciate beauties from the Middle East. This is a case of bad styling though…

Northern Ireland (Chloe Marsden) and England


See?!? She is really on her teens! I love her though… Angelic features!

New Zealand (Chane Berghorst) and Myanmar

Netherlands (Leila Aigbedion) and Suriname (Jaleeza Weinbolt)

Along with Colombia, Suriname is the top black delegate this year!

Mexico and Venezuela

Two beautiful roomies… If I need to choose just one, i’ll most likely choose Mexico!

Italy (Laura Piras), Australia (Esma Voloder),
Romania (Natalia Rus) and Netherlands

Australia and Romania! These two are part of the elite group of candidates with beautiful faces… I just think that Romania is so underrated!

Iceland (Fanney Ingvarsdottir)

Her brows are working against her!

Costa Rica (Elena Correa), Panama (Yinnela Yero),
Bolivia (Teresa Talamas) and Colombia

Too much bobays for my liking… But Panama remains one of my faves!

China (Liu Qiang), Philippines, Malaysia (Nancy Marcus),
Myanmar and Hong Kong (Sisi Wang)

Mutya is the lone flag bearer for Asia!

Georgia (Nino Gulikashvili), Russia, Azerbaijan (Samira Akmanova),
Estonia (Xenia Likhacheva) and Myanmar

Russia (again) and Azerbaijan is a not-so-close second!

China and Australia

Canada (Suzette Hernandez) and Mexico

One of Mexico’s best photo so far!

Argentina (Juliana Kawka), Honduras (Andrea Lopez) and Brazil

Of course, it’s Brazil. Argentina is stepping up her game…

Belarus, Brazil and Colombia

Lovely group! And this is a good photo for Belarus!

I’ll end my 1st part here but please watch out for part 2 in the next few days!


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2 Responses to Miss Supranational 2013 (6th Update): Random Pics – Part 1

  1. simplysuzu says:

    I’m glad I’m not one of the judges because there are too many beauties around and I wouldn’t know who to choose. You’re right about Brazil knowing how to stand out because she looks gorgeous in that green dress. I didn’t know anything about Miss Supranational until my sister informed me last night that Miss Myanmar was cute. Actually, she mentioned her especially because we’re from Myanmar and we rarely see contestants for international competitions from our country. Thank you for posting all these photos because now I know where to look at if I want to know the updates.

    And yes, Miss Myanmar looks young compared to others and I heard that she’s only 19.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Suzu! Thank you very much for leaving a note! Miss Myanmar is indeed really cute and she is actually my bet to win the Miss Friendship award. She seems pretty close to the other candidates! Thank you again for visiting my blog! Regards to you and your friends!

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