Miss World 2013 (4th Update): Contestant Introduction – Part 3

As we await for the start of Miss World 2013, let me continue introducing to you the contestants through the video they submitted to Miss World Organization. Please click HERE for the first and HERE for the second group!

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Video Credits: OfficialMissWorld of YouTube

Angola – Maria Castello

There is not that much here that I understand because most of her video was in Portuguese! But I am not complaining as of yet… I can take hours staring at Maria’s gorgeous face! I am buying the mute make-up and the simple styling. Angola had shining moments in Miss World with Micaela Reis, so it is not impossible for her to be on the top this year.

Turkey – Ruveyda Öksüz

The title of Miss World is written all over the face of Ruveyda. She is beautiful (with perfect facial bone structure) and has the sunny and down-to-earth personality! She is young but there is a level of maturity and sprinkle of wisdom required for a beauty queen. She is a bit skinny so I hope that she gain some weight just in time for Indonesia. I am looking forward to seeing her!

Romania – Andreea Chiru

A very simple video introduction from Andreea! One thing that kept me interested was the legs. It was thisclose to being boring… Put some emotions in those words, make some moves and be yourself! This is the perfect time to show your real personality!

Scotland – Jamey Bowers

Oh Jamey! Yes, you are such a gorgeous girl but nothing in the video made me excited… It could have been better if you shot the video in the scenic spots of Scotland. But you are surely impressing me with your love for animals! Cheers to that…

Ukraine – Anna Zaiachkivska

A BIG cheer to one of my early favorites for the crown this year! Anna is breathtaking! She has the appeal that we see in Miss World queens. Her video was very simple but her talk about her passion for arts made me fall in love with her all over again!

Please watch out for more videos as we welcome the start of Miss World 2013!


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