Miss Supranational 2013 (7th Update): The Visit to Vitebsk

The delegates of Miss Supranational 2013 started their tour of Belarus by visiting Vitebsk. It is the 4th largest city of the country and it is where the oldest building in Belarus is located – the Annunciation Church. The girls were in the city for some sight seeing and to shot some scenes which is probably for the finale.

Some of you might wonder why the candidates are busy visiting locations around Belarus, As what I have shared before, the pageant aims to promote tourism of the host country – thus, the tour!

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss Supranational

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The Candidates posing with the infamous Assumption Church of Vitebsk

Mexico‘s Jacqueline Morales is seen here striking a pose to the camera as part of the video footage for their visit. She is still underwhelming me 😦 It must be the lack of smile… Not working!

See?!? A smile changed Mexico’s aura and made her shine in this group. I must say that she is the strongest her! And yes even with Annie Fuenmayor (Venezuela) around.

I am really disappointed with Ukraine (Kateryna Sandulova)!

Canada (Suzette Hernandez) is surely one of the stronger delegates! And Denmark (Alexandria Eissinger) is a revelation – look at that jawline!

Diana Kubasova of Latvia is another European stunner. She is such a beauty but her choice of pants is mind-boggling at the very least!

From a European stunner to a European goddess… Poland‘s Angelika Ogryzek is such a sophisticated beauty! One of my favorites to win the crown!

I’ll most likely choose Latvia over Belarus (Veronika Chachina)

Esma Voloder of Australia is one of my non-european favorites!

A stolen shot of Latvia! Stunning…

It will still be Poland over Belarus for me…

Romania (Natalia Rus) and Canada here!

And yes, Australia for me here!

That’s it for now… On to the next adventure ladies!!!


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