Throwback Thursday (08.29.13): The First Powerhouse!

In beauty pageants, the term “Powerhouse” refers to the country that sends out exceptional delegates to major beauty pageants – Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. Most of the time, pageant enthusiasts refer to countries that places as semifinalists year after year in major pageants.

I have two definitions for this term: (1) The loose definition is more or less similar to to definition above. This means that a powerhouse country needs to prove itself every year. (2) On a very strict context, powerhouse for me is a country that won a crown in all of the major beauty pageants. This will only apply to just a few countries today and gives the tag a sense of exclusivity.

Following my strict definition, let us relive the winning moments of the very first POWERHOUSE country in the beauty pageant world – BRAZIL!

The country’s very first crown was a Miss Universe crown with
Ieda Marie Vargas in 1963


Photo Credits: Belezas Paulistas

The second crown for the country was the 1968 Miss International win
of Maria da Gloria Carvalho


Photo Credits: Rendas & Rainhas

The 1971 Miss World win of Lucia Petterle was the country’s 3rd crown!


Photo Credits: Missosology

And, the Miss Earth win of Priscilla Meirelles in 2004 sealed their Powerhouse status!


Photo Credits: Mabuhay Beauties


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